5 Popular Streamers Who Talk About Growing Cannabis

The internet is one of the most constant aspects of these past decades. Unlike in the past when communication was technical and, in most cases, delayed, these days, there are several avenues to communicate with people from all over. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in people realizing the value of the internet and modern devices when it comes to communication. 

Several streamers and YouTube channels dedicate their time to educating people on weed growth and use. Though there are specific regulations censoring these people, their fanbases continue to grow significantly. 

How Technology Has Revolutionized Weed Growth and Sale

Stepping back to analyse cannabis growth and sale trends reveals remarkable changes. Three or four decades back, the only way to access marijuana was through illegal sales from people around the block. The only way to access information on the highest yielding strains was through library visits or covering with weed growers. The illegality of the industry at the time limited access to information on several things. 

With the onset of legalization, people started experimenting with the free sharing of information. These days it is not uncommon to find several websites dedicated to selling or producing marijuana. They go as far as instructing growers on every stage of the process and providing agronomical support. 

Other than the growing state legalizations, the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill is another factor that continues to revolutionize the marijuana industry. The 2018 Farm Bill allows farmers to grow and sell hemp products at the federal level. This legal standing pertains to the fact that hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC or, in some cases, none. Considering that the federal regulation offers CBD products with less than 0.3% THC to be legal, then all hemp products are legal. 

Regardless of whether the products contain THC or not, it is clear that their sale and use have become more widely accepted. The aforestated websites also sell weed products of different concentrations and flavours. These websites stock marijuana buds, dried hemp flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, topicals, and marijuana use accessories. 

Technology enables these websites to provide products and also delivery services. These days it is easy for customers to order their cannabis products from the comfort of their homes and receive them without moving anywhere. On top of the ease of delivery, it also allows for tracking services where people can check their delivery status from their mobile phones or laptops. 

Aside from the sales part, technology also impacts the growth process in several ways. The weed-growing websites are not the peak of technological advancements in the industry. The recent introduction of AI systems and machine learning offers unforeseeable benefits for cannabis growers. These systems allow farmers to monitor their plants at every stage and detect any malnutrition beforehand. 

On a smaller scale of things, it is only through technological advancements that indoor growth has become possible. LED lights and temperature sensors allow farmers to control the conditions

Comprehensively, technology continues to open the world of cannabis growth and sale to various possibilities. Researchers are keen to integrate new forms of technology into the different parts of the industry as soon as they reach the mainstream. 

The Future of the Cannabis Industry

In looking at the future of the marijuana sector, there are two aspects worth noting: the economic prospects and the available technological advancements. These two are dependent in that the increase in technology leads to better sales, which increases the monetary value of the sector. According to New Frontier Data, the legal cannabis sector will be worth $73.6 billion by 2027. It is worth noting that this figure is only from recreational uses of the product and not medicinal use. 

Prior sale estimates may have surpassed their projections were it not for Covid-19. The pandemic saw a decline in sales though people were constantly buying via online stores. After the pandemic, sales skyrocketed as the support for marijuana use rose during the same time. The 2027 sales estimates will likely get attained before or during the year. 

On the other hand, technological advancements continue to offer many improvements to the cannabis sector. As mentioned, AI and machine learning systems are making significant strides. The body of research available shows that there will be a cutback of labour in marijuana fields shortly. This cutback will be because using AI programs such as sensors will reduce the need for human work. 

On top of cutbacks on labour, there will also be cost savings on weed plant management. At their best, these systems can analyse plant needs and detect any pests and disease attacks beforehand. These early detections will reduce the need for increased costs of treating the illnesses. Also, by applying these systems, weed growers will realize higher yields and more potent buds. 

Top Weed-Growing Streamers on Twitch

Twitch is now a well-known streaming service allowing users to broadcast their experiences. Early this year, the streaming service banned promoting marijuana products through promotional brands. Despite the same, it does support the broadcasting of cannabis growing by some of its top users. The following are the top 5 Twitch channels that deal with marijuana growing at various stages. 

Stoned Ninja

Stoned Ninja is a popular Twitch streamer who dabbles in online gaming and weed growth. He has twenty years of experience in both, which provides his viewers with more than enough information on weed growth. His streams are comprehensive in that he is often gaming, smoking weed, or growing cannabis at different stages. 

His favourite strains are the OG variety. His infectious personality makes his viewers get invested in whatever he is streaming. He is also well known for making his strains through low-level genetic engineering. 


According to PotQuest, another Twitch streamer, there is a fascination with watching people smoke and grow what was then illegal stuff. His viewer’s interest was in seeing him smoke weed at a time when legalization was still shaky. Currently, he helps run a medical marijuana co-op in Riverside County. His following is now interested in his weed-growing practices, which he shares on his streams. 

As more and more streaming services became open to weed content, PotQuest shares that people started diversifying their interests in the plant. Currently, he educates people on the best practices for marijuana growth.

Chef Anna

Chef Anna is another famous streamer who is an author and a Twitch streamer. According to Chef Anna, a vast number of people have never seen the actual cannabis plant grow. She offers that the first time she saw an existing plant, she had been smoking for years. The minute she laid eyes on the plant, she got fascinated and wanted to watch it like a pet. 

As a result, she saw the niche and made a channel showcasing weed plants through the entire growth stages. Her viewers watch the plants from the beginning to the end stages, where they get harvested. 

The BudLab

This streamer is yet another very popular one. BudLab’s approach to streaming cannabis content aims at offering people a reliable community of expert marijuana growers. He claims that not only do the viewers want to see the plants grow, but they also want to interact with like-minded individuals. 

His stream is on 24/7 using an intricate computer system. He airs a human-free cannabis plant growing experience and human sessions such as wake and bakes or informative growing sessions. His viewers can log on and watch the streams at any time. 


LillyPain is a New England streamer whose focus is also communal-based streaming. Her use of medicinal marijuana began after a prescription for her seizures. All other pharmaceutical medications were futile. Her Twitch stream emphasizes the need for community as she views it as the only way to combat people against the use of cannabis.

Her content focuses on medical marijuana use and how people can maintain their growth. Even though medical marijuana is legal in over 30 states, LillyPain still has to deal with critics and justifies the need for communal support.


The introduction of the internet and technology, in general, is one factor that continues to drive cannabis sales. Currently, users can find cannabis streamers on the internet testing different strains, growing marijuana, and promoting cannabis products. This online availability offers support for users seeking to learn more on the subject and improves sales of weed products. There is value in analysing some of these streamers as they provide helpful information anyone can use for their growth. The future of weed can only be brighter with this level of technological advancements. 

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