Best Metronome Apps for iOS and Android

Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Mark Roberts

How many things in your life have your smartphone replaced? Alarm, computer, maps, radio(do these even exist anymore?!), the list is simply endless. So is it any wonder that your phone can be your metronome. 

Any musician will appreciate the portability and simplicity of a metronome app over a traditional metronome.

However, there is one issue.

As you would know, there are way too many metronome apps, and it’s hard to pick out the best one.

We will save you money and time by making sure that you do not buy and download any bad metronome apps.

With our list of the best Metronome Apps for iOS and Android, you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started, shall we?

Digital Metronome App vs. Actual Physical Metronome Device

The metronome is an essential aid for any musician! That said, what metronome should you get? A traditional age-old physical metronome device or a sophisticated digital metronome app on your smartphone?

Well, a digital metronome app has numerous advantages over a physical one.

  • For starters, it is incredibly portable; it is going to be inside your phone and not occupy an extra cubic inch in your pockets or bag.
  • Then there are the near-infinite features you get with a metronome app; this includes tap tempo functions, sound choices, alter subdivisions, and whatnot!

For the most part, digital metronome apps are better, but physical metronomes do have some old charms.

  • A physical metronome is just a metronome, so you won’t be distracted by any notifications or calls.
  • Many people also find the natural swinging motion and the sound to be irreplaceable.
  • Finally, physical metronome for drummers, musicians during live sessions is very useful. They are easy to position, are easier to adjust due to their large knobs, and won’t restart or change apps randomly.

Our Favorite Metronome Apps for iOS and Android

1. Metronome Plus

Do you want a simple metronome app for your iPhone/iPad that doesn’t cost anything?

If so, the Metronome Plus is your perfect companion. It has all the essential features you need in a metronome, making it simple to use. The interface is intuitive, and even a kid can use it without any guidance.

Now coming to its features,

  • you will be able to customize tempos and grooves with just a few clicks.
  • There are 16 different voice options, which is quite an upgrade from yesteryear metronomes’ robotic sounds.
  • The sounds are pretty loud, so this would be perfect for people who have a tough time hearing the metronome click over their drummer’s pounding.

You also get to customize the look and feel of the App by playing around with the various themes and accent colors. The App is also capable of running in the background, so you will be able to read your sheet music while the metronome keeps beeping in the background. 

This App used to be a standalone metronome, but now it’s part of a suite of various tools. While it costs a few bucks to unlock the whole suite, the base metronome is entirely free. It is pretty hard to find free metronome apps for iOS that are great. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete control over tempo and grooves
  • 16 different voice choices
  • STOMP compatible 
  • Tap tempo feature
  • Various beautiful themes to choose from
  • The base iOS app is free
  • There are a lot of helpful in-app purchases
  • Intuitive setlist manager
  • Separate modes for training, practice, and recording 

2. Tempo Advance

The Tempo and Tempo Advance are two amazing metronome apps. The Tempo advanced is a pro metronome app that any advanced musician will appreciate. The App is endorsed by Mike Mangini ( The infamous Dream Theater Drummer) and has been his go-to metronome app long before supporting it. 

It has all the sophisticated features you might need. It has everything from tempo automation, playback tracking, and customizable sounds to editable themes, tap tempo, and Bluetooth support. You can even program cut-ins and complex songs with altering beats and rhythms!

But, what sets the Tempo advanced apart?

The answer is its polyrhythm capability. You can have concurrent playback of two separate meters with different beats for each measure. It gives you control and creative freedom like no other app. 

The standard Tempo is a much simpler and dialed-down version of its sophisticated big brother. Even though it lacks the Advance version’s sophisticated features, it is still packed with all the essential features you might need. You even get Bluetooth control and customizable themes. 

While it has a free lite version, you should spend a little money getting the paid version. With the paid version, you get a slew of setlist options and multiple modes (Basic, Practice, and Gig, among many). You will also be able to save all your settings and presets to your email. 

However, there are a few ISSUES!

While there is an android app for Tempo, it is quite a letdown compared to the iOS version. It doesn’t have as many features and is just more jittery to use. The problem with the Tempo iOS metronome apps is that they have not been updated since 2019, which is quite long in the tech world. 

Features of Tempo

  • iOS and Android versions available
  • Has Bluetooth control
  • There is a free Lite version
  • You get setlist features with the paid version
  • You can practice by time or bars
  • It has a full-screen mode
  • Multiple custom themes available

Features of Tempo Advanced

  • Endorsed Mike Mangini
  • Incredible Polyrhythm capability, up to 20 beats for every channel
  • Tempo automation and multiple modes available
  • Extensive theme customization 
  • Numerous sound choices, there are even vibrate and flash modes
  • Bluetooth can control it

3. Time Guru

Time Guru is an intuitive metronome app developed by Avi Bortnick( The renowned guitarist). It strived to be your timekeeping guru and will push your skills to the next strata. It has all the standard set of features you would find in any metronome app and is incredibly accurate. Not only does it have different time signatures, but you can also even mash them together. You can improve your rhythm tremendously with this App. 

There is one thing that’s utterly unique to Time Guru!

It helps develop your inner yogic timekeeping skills through its random muting of beats. You will have to use your internal time sense to keep up the proper beat until the beat unmutes. While it might seem like just a silly gimmick. It helps develop an essential skill for any musician in a fun manner. 

The App is also quite learned like a Guru; it is capable of human/robot counting in five different languages (English, Chinese, French, German, and Russian). The App doesn’t discriminate and is available on Android and iOS devices ( the android version is cheaper). 

The human voice counting, along with its random muting feature, makes it one of the best metronome apps for guitar players. The soothing voice feels more natural, while the muting feature ensures that you are not always dependent on the drummer to keep time.

The Time Guru is genuinely a one-of-a-kind app that delivers incredible value; it is simply among the top rated metronome apps for iOS. Our only issue with it is that it hasn’t been updated since 2019. However, the App is capable as it is. 


  • 18 different metronome sounds
  • Extremely accurate timing due to its custom audio engine
  • Human voice counting in multiple languages 
  • It has an adjustable and gradual randomized muting feature 
  • Multiple time signatures or combinations of time signatures
  • Tap tempo up to 300 bpm
  • Available in both iOS & Android platforms 

4. Dr.Betotte TC

Dr.Betotte TC is the most extensive and expensive metronome app on this list. It is filled with enough features and options even to make doctors confused. 

The renowned Dr. Beat Metronomes heavily inspire this App, so anyone who has used those metronomes should feel right at home with Dr. Betotte. By the way, If you are wondering if Betotte means Beat in some foreign language, it doesn’t.

So what can you do with this $10 app?

For starters, you can divide your beat in any way you want. You can use a swing or straight style and even independently control the volume of each beat subdivision. You can customize things that you never thought were possible with a metronome. We were even able to play with the velocity and feel of each grove to create complex polyrhythms. 

There are also a couple of coaching features, the most notable is its gradual tempo changes. This will help you perfect any complicated section by starting the tempo slow and slowly increasing the pace over time. This way, you do not have to fiddle with the settings after every rep. 

There are also some fantastic VISUAL FEATURES like a pendulum and flashing screen animations. 

These are just some of the more critical features; we simply cannot mention everything this App does in this short review.

Is Dr.Betotte worth the $10?

It is. The amount of options and features found in the Dr.Betotte is unrivaled by any other metronome. This is among the most extensive and capable metronome apps for ios. The developers are also highly responsive and frequently keep updating the App with new features. There is also a FREE variant that you can try, but you would be better off with the paid version. 

It will be years before you get to use all the features.

FYI, this App is officially released only on iOS devices (It even has an Apple Watch app, in fact, this is the best metronome app for apple watch). While you can find a couple of apps with the same name for Android, they are knockoffs.


  • Gradual Tempo changing Coaching function
  • You can extensively subdivide your beats
  • Free App available
  • Independent control of the volume feel and sound of each subdivision
  • Can generate polyrhythms 
  • Pendulum and flashing screen metronomes

5. Metronomic

Metronomic is one of the most archaic looking metronome apps we’ve got our hands on. While the UI seems to be off the 1980s, it is pretty sophisticated in most other aspects.

You get about 40 different samples for each of your subdivisions. You can use the inbuilt preset patterns or create custom patterns of your liking. It is, in fact, one of the more extensively programmable metronome apps. You can create anything from random patterns to sequenced grooves.

It has many of the features we mentioned in the preceding apps. You can have the metronome speed up/slow down after a few sets, similar to the coaching feature in Dr. Betotte. It has an “independence mode,” which allows you to mute some bars selectively, so you will have to use your internal clock to keep time. It is similar to the feature in Time Guru but without randomness. 

In addition to being feature-rich, metronomic is also compatible with multiple devices. Not only does it work with iPhones and iPads, it even a metronome app for mac and Apple Watch. If you are embedded into the Apple ecosystem, this would be the perfect metronome for you. However, if you want iCloud sync, you will have to purchase their yearly Pro subscription.

The only surprising thing is that it is also available for android devices. However, unlike most of the apps in this list, the android version is actually great and works as well as the iOS version. Metronomic is actually among the best metronome apps for android devices. 


  • Classic look
  • Available for ios, mac, apple watch, and Android
  • Extensive programming possible
  • You can add sequenced grooves
  • Can generate random patterns
  • Independence mode allows you to mute a few bars selectively
  • Has a paid substitution version

6. Metronome by Soundbrenner

This is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful metronome apps available. It has a simple and elegant design that is not only nice to look at but very pleasant to use. You can easily navigate through all the settings and control everything from tempo to time signature with ease. You can also save all your songs and playlists with a few simple clicks.

While the App by itself is free and great by itself, it is the HARDWARE produced by Soundbrenner that sets it apart. You can buy the Soundbrenner Pulse wristband and harness from the company. The wristband connects to the App by Bluetooth and vibrates to the beat. The best part is that you can get a wristband for each of your bandmates, and they’ll all vibrate in sync.

This makes the Metronome by Soundbrenner the best App for keeping your ENTIRE BAND in time. It is probably the BEST METRONOME APP FOR DRUMMERS as you can feel the vibration via the band instead of having to hear the click track over the loud drumming.

Metronome by Soundbrenner also gets constantly updated, and you get a bucket of new features every few months. It also works great on both android and iOS devices.


  • Works incredibly in both iOS and Android
  • You can control BPM, subdivisions, and time signatures
  • A beautiful and intuitive interface (it even has a dark mode) 
  • You can store your rhythms and setlist
  • Has Ableton Link 
  • Screen flash metronome 
  • It has a companion vibrating wristband called the Pulse
  • Multiplayer Synchronisation with Pulse
  • Free App

7. PolyNome

PolyNome is another pricey( around $9) iOS metronome app. We are recommending it even though it’s expensive as it enables you to get the most of your practice time. 

With its programmable grooves, progress tracker, and custom practice routines, you will find it relatively easy just to get started with your practice session. You won’t have to spend a mind-numbing couple of minutes having to dial in your settings before each session. You can simply AUTOMATE YOUR ENTIRE PRACTICE SESSION with it.

You can also easily share all your grooves, presets, and playlists online. This makes it so much easier to make sure the whole band is in sync.

There are multiple variants of this App. There is a standard version, a pro version, and a premium subscription that unlocks more features. Unless you really need extra sounds and the ability to export audio files, the standard version should be enough for you. The App is available for mac, ipad, and iPhones. Sorry android users.

  • Share your presets and playlists
  • Progress tracker
  • You can create setlists 
  • You can design custom practice routines or automate the whole process 
  • You can make complex grooves quickly
  • Bluetooth and STOMP compatible
  • iOS and Mac compatible 

8. Smart Metronome

This is one of the very few good metronome apps that are exclusive to Android. It has a user interface that reminds us of smartphones from the early 2010s. However, we cannot complain about that as the App is entirely free. The classic look also has a little charm to it.

It has basic features like adjusting the tempo, time signature, beats, and bars. It has limited connectivity with dropbox and Bluetooth, allowing you to share your presets across devices.

However, do not expect any modern or sophisticated features. The App has NOT BEEN UPDATED since 2014. That was when the iphone 6 came out, so it has been quite a while since it had any update.

We are recommending this App in spite of all this because IT SIMPLY WORKS. You do not need AI or some sophisticated programming for a metronome. It is a simple free android metronome app that just does the job.


  • Free
  • Pendulum like visualizer
  • Bluetooth and Dropbox connectivity
  • A simple (archaic) interface
  • Android

9. Pulse

The Pulse is one of the few free metronome apps for iphone that are recommendable. It is incredibly accurate and gives you extensive control over the tempo and theme. It has a list of great presets and even has a tap tempo. You also can also subdivide tempos and play with subdivisions.

The iPhone/iPad app is excellent and highly functional. While there is an Apple Watch app, the application stops running every time you lower your hand. Even though this is not Pulse’s fault (it happens due to Apple’s policy to cease all non-native apps when the App is lowered), it is still irritating for a user. 

When the Watch app does run, it’s excellent, though. It uses the haptic motors of the watch to vibrate in sync with the beats. This is so much better than hearing a click. You can also sync the tempo across devices using Bluetooth.

However, if you are thinking of getting this App due to its watch capabilities, we recommend that you do not. This is because the apps have not been updated since 2018 and therefore do not function all that smoothly with the latest WatchOS devices and updates.

Let me be clear.

The Apple Watch app is too problematic and doesn’t always work. However, the App for the iphone and ipad is fantastic. It is intuitive, accessible, and simply great to use.


  • An easy to use interface
  • Tap tempo for BPM
  • Free App
  • Control over subdivisions and time signatures
  • Custom playlists
  • You customize the looks and sounds of the App
  • You can sync tempo across multiple devices
  • Haptic vibrations
  • Background mode enabled
  • Has a native Apple Watch App

10. Pro Metronome

The Pro Metronome is a feature-rich app that is surprisingly easy to use.

It is able to deliver beat cues sonically, visually, and physically through its sound, pendulum animation, and vibrate modes. You get about 13 different sounds, a traditional metronome-like visual, and even a session timer. The pendulum animation is smooth, and Pro Metronome is one of the best vibrating metronome apps. 

There is even a practice mode that slowly increases the tempo to help you perfect your beats.

With the paid “Pro” version of the Pro Metronome, you unlock more intricate features like polyrhythm, flash mode, programmable playlists, and control over subdivisions. 

We really cannot stress enough on the App being very EASY TO USE. While it ain’t hard to add complicated features, it is tough to keep the App simple and easy to use after adding complex features. The Pro Metronome does it, though.

This is one of the very few metronome apps that is available on Apple TV. It is also available for free on iOS and Android devices. 


  • Complete control over different time signatures
  • Around 13 different metronome sounds
  • Tap tempo option
  • Can display time in a graph 
  • Pendulum Mode
  • Power-Saving/Background Modes
  • Session timer
  • Supports Audiobus 

11. Practice+

We can say this without any second thoughts, Practice+ is among the best free iOS metronome apps. It is simply loaded with features. With this digital metronome app, you can control everything from the accents and sounds to subdivisions and meters. 

It also stores your setlists and even has a looping option. It can also act like a flashing metronome.

In addition to being a metronome, it is also a tuner. With its pitch player, you can make sure you are always in the right place.

With the ability to change the color of the interface, record your practice sessions, and more, this is a convenient app.

The App is constantly updated, and the developers are very responsive, so if you face any bugs or want new features, they might help you out. The only thing is that since this is a FREE APP, you kind of get bombarded with ads. You also get only limited accessibility to a few features. However, you can pay a couple of dollars to remove the ads and unlock unlimited tuner, recordings, and setlists. Sadly this App is not available for android devices.


  • Can adjust accents, subdivisions, meters, and sounds
  • Can control the look of the App
  • Free version
  • Many great features available as in-app purchases 
  • It has a built-in tuner
  • iOS only

12. Metro Timer

The Metro timer is a free iOS metronome that is just simple and straightforward. It doesn’t have any distracting or complex bells and whistles; it just has the basic features you need.

The interface is relatively easy, and all you need to do is drag a slider to increase or decrease the tempo. You can even use the “TAP” function to determine your BPM. 

There is also a practice timer and even flashing metronome features. You have around eight different voice choices for the metronome, there is even a human voice one. The human voice makes it a great guitar timing app, especially for people using acoustic guitars. The sound is pleasant, and you can play more comfortably. 

The App also claims to be more accurate than other metronome apps on iPhones as they use their software to keep time rather than rely on Apple’s sample code. Supposedly, the timekeeping is good enough to meet laboratory standards.

While the standard version is good, there is also a paid Pro upgrade. So what do you get with the paid version?

You get custom time signatures. You can also control the accents and subdivisions. You also unlock the interactive beat editor that is simply fun to use. You also get a presets list, so you no longer have to change parameters before every session.

Metro Timer is simply the best metronome app for anyone who wants a simple, no-nonsense interface.


  • Eight different metronome sounds
  • Flashing metronome
  • Practice timer
  • More accurate than most other metronome apps
  • Tempo Tap
  • Subdivision and accent control with the paid version 

The winner!

Cue the drum roll: The winner of this list of the best metronome apps is Metronome Plus. It is a free app that does everything you would want a metronome to do. It’s pretty, it’s simple to use, and costs nothing, what more could you want? Since it is available exclusively on iOS, it is also the best among metronome apps for ios.

Since Metronome Plus is not available for Android, we have a separate category for that. The winner of the best metronome app for Android is the metronome by Soundbrenner. With its simple interface and ability to sync multiple devices through Bluetooth, it has simply blown us away. It is especially great for syncing up entire ensembles. 

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