Best Subscriptions for Students in 2022

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Young people, like no one else, follow new movies, games, and music, so modern platforms with new releases of good quality are what they need. By subscribing, the student gets access to everything he wants. Our article will tell you about the best subscriptions that will open up new opportunities and never-before-seen comfort for students.

Best Music Subscriptions for a Student in 2022

With an official music subscription, you can download any tracks from your music library to your phone and then listen to them anywhere with high quality and without ads. 

Apple Music

60 million songs, playlists from music editors, and curators for every event and mood. The service’s algorithm creates personalized selections, such as “New Music” and “My Favorite Tracks.” You can also create a smart playlist by choosing your preferences like a year, genre, rating, tempo, artist, or album name.

Apple Music also offers music videos that can be organized into playlists and live performances.

Google Play Music

Many songs, mood selections, types of activity, and music ratings. There is a playlist with personal recommendations, “I’m lucky,” and auto mixes, which include songs of similar artists.

On all new Android 10 devices, “Google Play Music” will replace the YouTube Music App now preinstalled on Android 10 devices with another similar service – YouTube Music. Subscription to it costs the same, and you can listen to live performances and cover versions, as well as watch video clips on YT Music.

The Google Play Music app will continue to exist and will be available for download in the Play Market and App Store.

Best Movies, TV shows Subscriptions for a Student in 2022

Same story as with music. The price is low, so you can save money on the write my essay service. And you’ll watch the best TV shows and movies in great quality right on the day of the world premiere.

Subscription has other bonuses: you can download movies and shows to your phone or laptop and then watch them without the Internet. For example, when you’re traveling or out of the city. The service offers options you might like if you do not know which movie to choose from.


Huge library of original content, cult films, and series. Most new projects come out with voiceovers in many languages, and subtitles can also be included. Now the best directors are making movies exclusively for Netflix.

The service has a smart download feature: the service itself deletes watched episodes from the device and adds the next episodes.


A large collection of movies and series of high quality is replenished daily. Not all movies can be watched for free on subscription: some novelties and blockbusters are only available for an additional fee but at a discount.

With IVI, you can also watch some cable TV channels, such as Paramount Comedy, FOX, and others.

YouTube Premium

Allows watching all the videos on YouTube without advertising online and offline. With a subscription, you can also use the YouTube app in the background, for example, to flip through a social networking feed and listen to a music playlist or an interview.

In addition, YouTube Premium includes a free subscription to the music streaming service YouTube Music and access to all YouTube Originals movies, series, and shows.

Best Mobile Games Subscriptions for a Student in 2022

If you love to play, subscriptions are a great way not to miss out on interesting new products and not overpay.

Apple Arcade

Subscription is available only on Apple devices. Over 100 new games to play online and offline. No ads or additional purchases.

Up to six people can use one subscription. Game progress is saved, so you can start a quest on your smartphone and continue on your computer.


You don’t have to go to a course to learn something new. You can improve your skills at home, under a blanket and with a cup of tea.


Online lessons with professional teachers. You can study from your computer or phone. The training program is based on the student’s goals and interests.

In addition to online lessons with a teacher, Skyeng provides homework on the Vimbox platform: the smart system checks answers instantly. After each lesson, the student receives a report on the work done and progress.


A service for learning English in a game form. You can use Lingualeo to practice reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary by reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos.

You can use the app for free, but the training materials and features will not be available in their entirety. With a subscription to Lingualeo, you can add an unlimited number of words to your vocabulary, take three thematic courses and use all the possible training.

Best Books Subscriptions for a Student in 2022

Reading is a useful activity. But if you buy several paper books monthly, you could lose a significant part of your income. The solution is to subscribe to a digital library or audiobooks (if you don’t have time to read).


Storytel has classic, modern, popular science literature. Thousands of works in different languages. Each book’s card has an abstract, the length of the audio recording, and information about the author and the reader.

The service has several convenient features:

  • “Sleep Timer” for those who like to listen to audiobooks while lying in bed;
  • “Notes” to leave comments and easily return to your favorite passages;
  • “Speed” if you like to listen to a faster or smoother speech.


Service for reading and listening to audiobooks. Bookmate has classics, science-pop, new releases, and bestsellers. Get the best out of your English, French, or German listening experience: the library has books in 14 languages.

While reading, you can make notes, highlight quotes, and leave bookmarks. Bookmate Reader lets you choose your font size, background color, and contrast. Bookmate also offers book selections from editors, popular media outlets, experts, and users.

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