How to farm and earn gil and experience in Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is a continuation of one of the most popular and successful projects, which consists of a large series of single-player parts that were popular among console owners, but after a while the developers from Square Enix began working on expanding the audience and entering the PC market.

This is how single-player versions began to appear, and to attract players who love farming and playing with friends, a serious project began – Final Fantasy 14, which should compete with World of Warcraft, which was taken as the basis for choosing a platform and its implementation.

What a newcomer needs to know about Final Fantasy 14

This is a project that in some places is similar to World of Warcraft, but offers a rethinking of many mechanics that will definitely resonate in the hearts of users.

Otherwise, this is a classic MMO project, with many well-known features and heroes from previous parts, as well as its own system of gils and experience, which you can figure out on your own, relying on guides, or order the ff14 boosting service.

Ways to pump and earn gils:

  1. Quests
  2. Grind
  3. Daily errands.
  4. FATE.
  5. Guilds and factions.
  6. Boosting


Quests are a good source of experience and gil, which can provide a large increase in FF 14 boost for your character.

According to the game developers, you will only complete story missions for about 100 hours of real time, which will significantly help you systematically upgrade your hero and at the same time have an interesting time.

You will meet many heroes from previous parts of the Final Fantasy series, and at the same time you will not be removed from the storyline – your hero will talk and interact with everyone in the videos to give a full sense of the player’s influence on the entire plot process.

You can also take on additional tasks, which literally fill all major cities and locations. These are quests that at first glance may seem insignificant, but due to the quantity, and often the cumulative reward, which is calculated from the destroyed targets, you can get a good Final Fantasy 14 boost by simply completing all the tasks at once before heading into the city to clear your inventory and turn in all quests.


This is a way to play and boost FF 14 relatively cheaply simply by killing monsters in conjunction with completing quests, or completely ignoring the quest system.

In order to grind correctly and profitably, your character must quickly destroy monsters and at the same time not spend all resources too quickly – stability is important here, and not just quick damage.

A good mage will kill a lot of enemies, but will periodically regenerate mana, while a warrior will deal stable damage and increase it for the duration of the fury activation.

Healers and other support heroes are better off focusing their attention on quests, as a reliable source of experience and stable growth, although not fast due to weak damage.

It is better for supports to grind and complete quests in a group to increase the pace of development.

Your task is to select enemies for grinding so that they are several levels superior to you, but not so much that it is critical and you receive fatal damage. It’s also not worth outgrowing your enemies – this reduces the likelihood of knocking out a valuable item and the quality of the experience gained in general.

Daily errands

Once a day and a week, all players will receive tasks that are aimed at general actions in Final Fantasy.

This could be clearing a certain dungeon or monster, using skills and abilities, extracting resources, and so on.

Everyone who manages to complete the tasks before they are updated will receive a Final Fantasy boost, but the task cannot be partially completed – it is either ready or not and will simply be updated without counting any successes. Weekly assignments differ only in the complexity of the task and a more free time period for its completion.


Periodically, during Final Fantasy, events called FATE will occur – this is an invasion of monsters in a random location, from which you can farm a lot of gil and experience if you have enough damage and speed to get to the location before the bulk of the players.

When monsters appear, a large number of players will begin to beat them. Experience is distributed according to the damage principle, and if you do not have time to deal even one attack, then you will simply waste time.

It’s best to form groups and clear, especially if you play on support and want to get a full FF 14 boost from FATE mode.

The event will end quite quickly, and you better hurry if you want to get at least a little experience.

Guilds and factions

You can gain experience by enlisting in the army – the navy, the guard, or the resistance movement.

For completing tasks, you will grow in rank and receive experience and special tokens that can be exchanged for character enhancements.

You can also interact with hunter guilds, who regularly offer tasks and assignments in exchange for loyalty and experience. Often this is the destruction of dangerous animals that harm the surrounding lands.

As with military service, you can also receive and accumulate special tokens, which are used to purchase unique equipment, accessories and other nice things. Don’t forget to update your tasks before a new hunt


This is a format that is familiar to many players who have been playing online games for a long time.

If you lack experience or gil, you can simply buy more, but not use the services of ordinary players, where no one can guarantee the security of the transaction, but turn to a professional service like Skycoach for help.

You just need to go to the website, select the game and server and indicate the Final Fantasy boosting framework that you need to achieve and transfer all the necessary information to the employee.

A professional player will log into your account and perform the service, and the Skycoach service will provide guarantees of security, anonymity and quick completion of the task even if the game administration interferes with the subject of the transaction.

The process of providing such a service in itself is considered prohibited, so service employees resort to several methods of protecting the client, which produce results when they work together. This includes anonymity when logging in, so as not to create the effect of unknown activity, and security with guarantees in case the game administration does intervene.

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