How to Unblock Streaming Sites & Services

Many streaming websites are available worldwide, but many are blocked in various nations owing to regulations. There may be some streaming sites, but the stuff you see will be different from what people in other countries see.

Sometimes, trying to reach a streaming sites online results in a notification stating that the service is not accessible in your area. This is the only thing that geo-restriction involves. The streaming content’s rights owner has restricted its availability to a specific area. Anyone attempting to access the content outside of that area will be blocked.

Streaming is recommended if you want to watch live TV online. If you’re streaming, you can play a file without first saving it to your PC. Numerous local, regional, and global channels also offer their streaming sites. A VPN provides various benefits, including the ability to browse the web anonymously, security, and cost savings. You can easily watch TV using these services with an internet connection.  

How to Unblock Streaming sites

Why do Streaming Services Have Restrictions?

Copyright regulations are a significant justification for geo-restrictions. These services have different rights owners in each location, and it would be illegal to broadcast content. Additionally, a specific streaming license holder may provide the same services in various locations under various brand names. The offered content may be tailored and made unique to every area. Streaming services concentrate on serving a particular area and might also choose to prohibit access from outsiders.

Geo-blocking Technology Working Process

The streaming services’ geo-blocking technologies can determine where you are by looking at your actual IP address. You use an IP address provided by the proxy server of your network provider to connect to the internet. Although your IP address doesn’t reveal where you are, a web request’s origin can be determined by technology, and if it is, access will be limited.

How To Unblock Geo-Restricted Streaming Sites & Services

You can use any of the following methods to unblock any geo-restricted streaming services, regardless of the area or nation you call home:

VPN Service 

Your best option to unblock geo-restricted streaming services is a VPN service. Accessing region-locked services from another country with the right VPN is simple. Your geographic location is concealed due to VPNs’ ability to mask your IP address.

You can browse using the VPN server’s offered other IP addresses. You only need to connect to a VPN server in a location where the streaming content is unrestricted by geography because VPN servers are spread throughout many different nations.

How to install a VPN on a router to secure any device in your home? You may set up a VPN with a VPN router on your home or workplace network. This safeguards all connected devices, including gaming consoles and smart TVs incompatible with VPNs. With the help of a VPN, get access and stream from any region-blocked website.

Rotating Proxy Server 

A proxy server acts as an intermediary, receiving your requests before sending them to the web server. Usually, a proxy server delivers your requests precisely as they are. Each web request is sent using a different random IP address with a rotating proxy server.

You can utilize a proxy server in multiple countries to change your location by using a rotating proxy service provider’s various Geo proxies.

Smart DNS Services 

DNS (Domain Name Server) reveals your location to online websites just like IP addresses do. When using SmartDNS services, your request is only redirected; your original IP address is not hidden or changed.

As a result, before reaching the web server, your request travels through a different region rather than being sent directly from your own. Your initial IP address is used to send the request to the web server, but depending on the route it went, it may read a different location. 

Additionally, smart DNS goes above and beyond to cover your actual location. Providers have several options for achieving this. The intelligent DNS server removes all identifying information from your DNS traffic, leaving only a DNS request that looks to originate from its location. This is crucial.

However, just like with a proxy server, it is still simple to track down your original IP address due to the lack of encryption.


A VPN can be helpful if you want to access a platform that isn’t (yet) accessible in your country or if you’re traveling and want to watch local streams while away from home. No matter where you are, you will soon be able to get all the entertainment you desire.

By geographical limits or copyright regulations, you should be able to enjoy your preferred TV series, movies, or songs. Regardless of where you live, you can use the abovementioned techniques to get around geo-restriction.

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