How to Watch Horse Racing Live from Anywhere

Horse racing is one of the most engaging sports in the whole world. It has thousands upon thousands of viewers and engagers during every tournament, and this fan devotion spreads across in-person attendance, online viewing, TV watching and even betting shops too.

It has evolved and developed as the world grew and it is possible to stay up to date with your favourite races on a whole manner of innovative platforms. This sport has thrived, but it might be frustrating to catch a race in another country or a location you just can’t get to. So, here is how you can watch horse racing live from anywhere. 

How to Watch Horse Racing Live from Anywhere

Fixing Your Calendar: Be Guided by the Racecards

You can’t catch a live race if you don’t know which fixture is happening and when the race kicks off. Thankfully, a simple internet search for horse racing today will yield all the results you could possibly need in the form of racecards and agendas. These will tell you who is racing, and what time the event takes place and you will even get real-time results as they come in too so you can check on your bets and whatnot. 

Find a Streaming Service

When you know which race is happening and the horse you want to keep an eye on, you have to know where to watch. There are a lot of streaming services that provide this service. These can be accessed from a mobile, television, and online from any laptop or PC device.

Streaming means you get a live feed of up-to-the-second action direct to your chosen screen. It is one of the most popular methods shining through at the top for horse racing fans everywhere because it is so convenient and there is such a good selection of services. It is fairly guaranteed you will be able to watch any race, anywhere, at any time. 

Watch on an App

If you want to stick with the same platform and have a more personalized experience, consider using an app. A range of apps exist for mobiles and tablets that provide live horse racing visuals. When you download one, you typically sign up for a profile and accept mutually consenting cookies.

In return, you get a mutually beneficial experience where you engage with the platform and boost the users and the app serves the perfect purpose for you too. 

Go to Your Local Betting Shop

If you fancy something more old school, going to a local betting shop is another way to watch horse racing live from any location. There are thousands of bookies across the country, so there is bound to be one nearby if you look hard enough.

There are always live feeds inside these establishments of whichever horse race is on at the current time. So, if you are going to miss out and have no other way of gaining access, head over to the nearest betting shop and ask to partake! 

Look Online

If none of the options above suit you, there are always streaming alternatives online. Plenty of websites will have a live feed of every horse race happening right now which means you can watch along as it is happening. The internet is the best place for this, as well as apps and other services too. 

How Popular is Horseracing?

There is a grand total of 59 racecourses across Britain, some are of course more famous than others. There are so many popular courses with certain ones like York, Ascot, and Newmark ranking in the top three for so many reasons.

There are a bunch of all-important tournaments for both Hunt & Flat Racing, and plenty of other courses too, so people are absolutely spoilt for choice. Horse racing has historic meaning to the country as well, and it can even be cited to go back to the early 1600s. It is so popular, in fact, that over a billion people engaged in one way or another with the sport this past year.  

The Benefits of Live Streaming

So, why live streaming at all? In place of actual attendance, of course, it really is the next best thing! It means you can watch the race as it’s happening and stay involved with all the updates, excitement, and winners. Watching horse racing live has so many advantages when you stop and think about it, even if this isn’t through physically attending a racecourse fixture. 


One of the most compelling things about watching along is that you can still get caught up in the excitement of the moment. When you know that it is live, you will naturally feel involved with what is happening on the screen and even leave space for emotional investment. 

Better Visuals

Another amazing advantage of watching horse racing on the screen as opposed to at a track or similar is that you can do replays, close-ups and see a completely different vantage point of the race itself. Not only are you able to see what is happening through a crisp zoom, but you can also often select ratios, replay sections you might have missed, and get a close-up account of who crosses the finish line first. 

Professional Commentary

A big part of watching online as the race is happening is being able to access real-time analysis from professionals as well. Whether this is ex-trainers or jockeys too, there will be an in-depth commentary throughout the race which will be like music to any horse racing fan’s ears, and they will naturally discuss everything that went on in detail after the race has finished.

This is always going to be very interesting for any true fan and they may even hear some of their favourite professionals too. 

Watching horse racing live is a great experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are physically attending a course or you are watching it on the bus from an app, the race is still real and you are a part of it for as long as you’re visually engaged. With so many options to pick from, it really is easier than ever to keep up to date with a horseracing hobby. 

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