How to Install Notability for Windows, Mac?

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Taking notes online for me has been crucial in my line of work. I have to talk to so many people around me and have to remember a lot. It’s actually hard to keep track of everything unless I take notes. It can make the task even harder considering the number of notes I write on paper. Look no further, if you’re someone like me, then you’ll need Notability for Windows.


Features of Notability App

Notability is the next level of taking notes on your smartphone but you can try installing it on PC as well if needed. Here are some great features of this best note taking app.

#1. Insert Media

It can be tough just to rely on text when taking notes. This is why the app can be great as you can add all kinds of media to it. From photographs, video clips, figures, and even drawings. Not only can you insert new media but you can also draw a few drawings on the app itself.

#2. Full-Featured Handwriting

It can be quite boring to take down notes by typing. With the Notability pc app, you can now write all your notes with your own handwriting. The panel in the app makes it a lot easier to take down notes with your legible handwriting and never lose them. The small box for writing also has a green-colored area to help your palm rest.

#3. Audio Recording

Sometimes, you might be too busy to write down all your notes or even type them. This is when you need this brilliant audio feature. The audio feature will let you record all your notes as you speak into your device. Notability makes audio recording so much smoother and faster. You can also use a series of the start or stop buttons to create chapters in your notes.

Also, with the audio feature – you can also limit the background noise to increase your voice clarity.

#4. Cloud Sync

It can be a pain to know that you’ve lost your important notes or your saved documents on your notes. With this note taking app, you can now sync all your notes to the cloud. This way, you won’t lose any notes and also have them whenever you need it. Irrespective of which device you log on, you can always access your notes and the documents you’ve saved.

#5. PDF Annotations

It can be cumbersome to remember everything in PDF documents. With the Notability app, you can now do annotations on all your PDFs in the app itself. This way, you can always take down notes on all your PDFs without any problem.

#6. Left-handed Feature

Many apps don’t have this unique feature like Notability has. With this note taking app, you can now take down all your notes comfortably with the left-hand feature. For left-handed people, this can be extremely useful.

There are a lot more features available in Notability application. Let’s now look at the process of installing this popular note taking app on your computer or laptop.

How to Use Notability on Windows PC & Laptop!

There are a couple of ways through which you can use the app on Windows 10. So let’s start with the first method.

Notability takes notes online

Method 1: Using Bluestacks Emulator

This method is pretty simple and takes not more than 15 minutes to complete the process. Here’s how you can get started.

#1. Download Bluestacks from the official website or from this link.

#2. Install the emulator and launch Bluestacks once it’s installed.

#3. Now, sign-in using your Google account in the Bluestacks emulator. You can use your old Google account to sync your app data from Play Store.

#4. Once signed in, launch in-built Play Store in Bluestacks and search for Notability app. Install the app once you find it.

#5. Next, login using your access ID and start taking notes on your computer right away!

Method 2: Using NoxPlayer!

To get started with this method, you’ll be using NoxPlayer emulator to get the app for Windows 7, 8 & 10. Here’s how you can do it!

#1.  Download and install NoxPlayer emulator on your system from here.

#2. Once installed, launch the emulator and sign-in into your Google account to access the Play Store.

#3. Now, search for Notability app using the search bar and install it once you find it. You can also side load the APK file in the emulator directly if you’ve got one.

#4. Once done, open the app and sign-in using your credentials. That’s it! You’re now ready to take the notes for free using Notability app.

Let’s now see how you can get the app for free on your macOS systems using an Android emulator!

How to Download Notability for Mac Free

Notability is a paid app but with our guide, you can download this best note taking app for mac for free on your macOS laptops! Here’s how you can get it!

notability mac app

#1. To start with, install Bluestacks or NoxPlayer with the above given links from any of the respective methods.

#2. Once the emulator is installed, launch it and sign-in using your Google account.

#3. Now launch the in-built Google Play Store in the emulator and hit the search bar to find Notability app.

#4. Install the app once you find it and log-in using your credentials.

Once done, you’re all set to use the notability mac app without needing to pay any amount. If you too want to save few bucks, you can get Notability free using our above explained method.

Evernote Vs Notability

It’s a tough ask! I would prefer notability if I just have to take the notes on my iPhone, iPad or Mac. But if I had to sync them on my Android too, I would choose Evernote on any given day!

Is Notability available for PC?

There’s no official Notability app available for Windows users. But you can easily get it using a simple Android emulator.

Closing Thoughts!

Overall, this note taking app is the best way to take notes on Windows given the set of features available. If you too take a lot of notes every day, the Notability app is your way to go ! So what keeps you waiting? Download the app on your devices right now!

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