How to Install and Play BitLife on PC

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Time and again, I’ve always wondered if I could get another chance to live life all over again. However, despite desperate reminders that my wish will never come true, Candywriter developed Bit Life PC. I’ve been playing BitLife on computer for a while now, and I have to say, it’s a true gem.

You might be wondering why, well, let’s explore the amazing features BitLife boasts of.

Features of BitLife PC Game

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on this game, you can always find the BitLife online free version to play with.


#1. User Interface

A game like this could use some heavy animations, graphics, and bulky features. However, that would not just bore the gamers but also make creating the game a herculean task. When I tried BitLife on computer, I loved the simplicity of the game. You’re presented with a screen in front of you with everything written about you. It somehow resembles a journal you’d probably write recording every activity you’ve ever done. This is what makes BitLife so fun to play.

#2. Full Control

Many life simulator games lack this one aspect that would change the fate of the entire game. The game is extremely detailed and filled with so many real-life situations. When I was playing, I could choose a career, education, partner, how many children to have, choice of pet, and so on. These aspects of the game made it really personalized and gave me a better edge in shaping my life in the world of BitLife on computers.

#3. Relationships

Relationships are an important aspect of our life. It captured that emotion and carries it out so well throughout the game, from naming your child to choosing how to spend time with them. From choosing a gift for your wife to making love and having arguments, I loved how it had everything. It also lets you adopt pets and take care of them making the game grow in all dimensions.

#4. The Tiny Details

BitLife game really stood out for me as a life simulator because it let me choose and play the game with all the small details. From prom dates to improving my looks, from choosing to study to choosing the work, from asking my mother to pay for college or just taking a loan, it covers all aspects carefully including ex’s and former relationships, giving you a real life-like experience.

#5. Real-Life Hobbies

BitLife – Life Simulator on computer also gives players the choice to pursue a hobby, go on a diet, or even start gardening. These real-life hobbies add an edge to the whole game making it more realistic. I think this realistic feature of the game is what makes the gameplay so intense and creative.

#6. Easy to Play

Many players shy off from life simulator games considering how hard they might be. If you’re someone who’s wondering how to play Bit Life, then trust me, you have nothing to worry about. It makes the gameplay so easy and fun that everyone can play it.

I’ll now be showing you how exactly you can play this simulator game on your Windows based desktop or laptops.

How to Play BitLife on PC Using Emulators!

This simulator game, aka, Bit Life, can be easily played on your PC by using Android emulators. I will show you the exact process of installing BitLife using Bluestacks and NoxPlayer emulator. Let’s start with Bluestacks method first!

Method 1: Install Bit Life Game Using Bluestacks!

#1. Download Bluestacks latest version from the official website or from here directly!

#2. Install Bluestacks emulator and use your existing Google account to sign-in to get started! Using existing account will get you all the apps automatically to Bluestacks as well. Moreover, all the data will be synced too.

#3. Launch the Google Play Store in Bluestacks and hit the search bar to find BitLife. Once you find it, click on Install button.

#4. Once the game is installed, start playing it right away!

That’s how simple it is to download and install this simulator game using Bluestacks emulator. You can also use NoxPlayer in a similar way to get started!

Method 2: Download Bit Life by Using NoxPlayer!

#1. Download and install the latest version of NoxPlayer from its official website or get it directly from here.

#2. Once the NoxPlayer is installed, launch the emulator and sign-in using your existing Google account or create a new one if you want a separate account for your new device.

#3. Next, launch the Google Play Store and search for BitLife app in it. Install the application once you find it in NoxPlayer’s built-in Play Store. You can also sideload the APK file just in case if you don’t find the app in Play Store.

#4. Once done, you can now launch the game on your PC using NoxPlayer to start playing it!


How to Download BitLife for Mac!

The only difference is you’ll be downloading a .DMG file instead of .EXE file of Bluestacks to get started!

#1. Download and install Bluestacks from this link. You can also use NoxPlayer just in case if you aren’t comfortable with Bluestacks. The rest of the process will be the same be it any emulator!

#2. Open Bluestacks and sign-in using your existing Google account which was used for your Google Play Store account previously. You can also use the new Google account if you want to.

#3. Search for BitLife app in the built-in Play Store of Bluestacks and install it. You can also use the APK file if you have by sideloading it in the Bluestacks emulator.

#4. Once the app is installed, launch the app and you’re all set to play the simulator game on your Mac for free!

Is BitLife available on PC?

Yes, you can play BitLife on PC by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, LDPlayer etc. Of course, there’s no such official Windows app available on Microsoft Store till today!

Closing Thoughts!

Playing games like Bit Life on your PC is always fun and it engages you with the game in a good way. If you want to play this amazing game on bigger screens, get started today by following my above given guide. Do let me know in the comments if you face any issues while installing the game on your devices!

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