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Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Mark Roberts

With new players entering Podcast industry, it can be hard to find the right app to manage all your podcasts, isn’t it? If you’re someone like me who likes to listen to podcasts on the go, then you need to download the Podcast Addict for PC app.  

Features of Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the most unique and interesting app for people who love listening to podcasts. It has some extensive features to organize your podcasts and will take your listening experience to the next level. Here’s what you can do in this podcast app.

#1. Manage Content

With this app, you can now manage all your preferred content. You can organize, add, remove and create your own playlists to manage your podcasts. This way, you can categorize your podcasts on this app. Not only is it fun and easy to listen to content but it can also help in listening to those preferred podcasts once again.

#2. Auto-Update New Episode and Feeds

It can be very irksome when your favorite podcast gets updated and you wouldn’t even know about it. With the Podcast Addict app, you can stay happy knowing your podcasts will be auto-updated as and when new ones are added. This way you don’t have to manually check for latest episodes or miss out any fun new episodes. Life for me has become a lot easier ever since I’ve downloaded this app.

#3. Listen to Podcasts Offline

If you’re someone who travels as much as I do, then it can be hard to find a stable internet connection. You can download all your podcast episodes on Podcast Addict and listen to them offline. Not only does this help you when you’re in an area without internet but will also give let you save some decent episodes for later.

#4. Subscribe To Podcasts

You also subscribe to your favorite Podcasts so that you don’t miss out on any new episodes. You can also stay tuned with all your favorite episodes and moreover a user can do all of this for free.

#5. Create and Publish Podcasts

If you’re someone who also would like to make a podcast, then you can do it now with the Podcast Addict Desktop app. You can create your own podcasts and publish them. This can be a huge deal for someone who loves podcasts as much as I do.

#6. Backup and Restore

It can be devastating to lose your podcast episodes and your favorite playlists if something were to happen to your app. With the new backup and restore facility, you can also save all your preferred playlists, subscriptions and so on.

With the online sync enabled in the app, you can always be comforted in knowing that all your data is safe. Even if you were to lose the app, you can always recover your favorite podcast episodes by using this podcast app.

So these are some amazing features of this Podcast app.

How to Download Podcast Addict for PC on Windows 10, 8 & 7

There are a plethora of Android emulators available online that can get you Podcast Addict app on your Windows computer or laptop but the most trusted ones are Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Method 1: Install using Bluestacks!

#1. Download and install Bluestacks from here.

#2. Once the emulator is installed, sign-in using your Google account. You can use your old Google account if you want to sync all the app data from smartphone to PC or laptop.

#3. Next, launch the Play Store app and find the Podcast Addict app using the search navigation. Once you find it, install it.

#4. Once the installation process is completed, you are now free to use this app on your computer for free!

Let’s now see the procedure to get it done with the NoxPlayer Android emulator.

Method 2: NoxPlayer Emulator!

NoxPlayer is a simple Android emulator that allows you to use Android apps on PC. Here’s how to get this Podcast app on your computer using Nox Player.

#1. Install NoxPlayer from or use this link to get the latest version on your PC.

#2. Open the NoxPlayer once the installation process is completed and sign-in using your Google account to get started!

#3. Launch the built-in Play Store and find the Podcast Addict app from the search box. Install it once you find it or you can also sideload the APK file directly in the NoxPlayer emulator.

#4. Once done, install the app on your Windows 10 PC using Nox Android emulator.

Given the large user base of Bluestacks, I would prefer NoxPlayer over it as it doesn’t crash much. Let me now show you the process to get the app on Mac.

Download Podcast Addict for Mac Free!

The procedure to install this app on your Macbook is no different than the above 2 methods. But if you are still confused, here’s a simple process to follow.

#1. Install Bluestacks or NoxPlayer, any of these two Android emulators on your Mac using the above given links in both methods.

#2. Launch the emulator and sign-in using your Google account. Once done, hit the search bar in the Play Store to find the app.

#3. Install the app once you find it in the Play Store.

That’s it! You are now ready to use the app with three simple steps. Isn’t it pretty simple?!

However, there are still a lot of users unclear about how they can use the app. Here’s the FAQ regarding the game!


Can I download a podcast to my computer?

Yes, you can download any podcast on your computer using the Podcast Addict app. Install an Android emulator to access the podcast app on your computer and then download the podcasts within a fraction of seconds.

Final Thoughts!

I hope all your doubts regarding Podcast Addict for PC are now clear. If you face any issues during the installation of the Android emulator or the app, you can always comment below to get a quick solution.

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