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There are two ways by which you can install the smart life app on your PC. One method is via bluestack android emulator and another is Nox Player. There is no desktop version (win or mac) of this app but by following the step by step process mentioned below you will be able to download this app in under 5 minutes.

Smart Life App

Nowadays, we have plenty of smart devices around the house. This can be great to make our lives easier, however, each device comes with its own app.

If you want to manage all the devices under a single app, Smart Life App is your way to go! You can either use it on your Android, iOS, or Windows OS based devices. Let’s have a look at some features that are useful for you.

How to Download Smart Life App for PC

There are many ways through which you can install this app but the best way to do is by either installing the app through Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. I will guide you through both the procedures one by one. So let’s get started!

Method 1: Using Bluestacks!

#1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows PC or laptop from this link to get started.

#2. Once you download the Android emulator aka Bluestacks, install the emulator on your computer or laptop! Now open Bluestacks emulator and sign-in using your Google account. It should now be easy to access the Google Play Store account which you’re already using it on your Android device.

#3. Select the Google Play Store option which is already available in Bluestacks. Now, hit the search bar and search for the Smart Life app. Once you find it, click on the install option.  You can also sideload the APK file if you already have it on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

#4. Once the app is installed, open the app in Bluestacks emulator and start using your Smart Life App to manage smart gadgets!

I hope you have now got an idea about how to install and use the app on PC. The second method is similar to this one but the only difference is you will be using the NoxPlayer emulator.

Method 2: Using Nox Player!

#1. Download NoxPlayer from here to start the procedure. 

#2. Once the emulator is installed on your PC, launch it. Now sign-in into your Google account to access the Google Play Store! Make sure to use the account which is used on smartphone or tablet previously. It would get you all those apps on NoxPlayer directly!

#3. Hit the search bar on the top to search Smart Life App or simply sideload the APK file if you have it on your computer. Once done, install the app on your laptop in a similar way as above.

#4. Once done, open the app and you’re all set to manage your smart gadgets with a single click!

These are the simplest ways through which you can use the app on your computer or laptop. Let us now see how you can install the same on your Mac systems!

Install Smart Life App on Mac Using Bluestacks Emulator!

The method to install Smart Life app on Mac is very much similar to the above methods. The only difference is you’ll get a .DMG file instead of .EXE file as you’re working on Mac. So, let’s have a look at it!

#1. You can download the emulators from the official websites or above given links in the guide. It’s your choice to download any of them but I would prefer Bluestacks because of its responsiveness on Mac.

#2. Launch the emulator once it is installed on your Mac. Now sign-in in to your Google Account so that you can easily access the Play Store.

#3. Open the Play Store or hit the search bar to find Smart Life App. Once you find the app, install it.

#4. Next, open the Smart Life app on Mac to start controlling your smart devices from your Mac right away.

Features of the Smart Life App

Smart Life is the best app for managing all the smart devices. Here are the most prominent features that Smart Life has to offer.

Features of the Smart Life App

#1. Remote Control

Whether you’re in a different room, or halfway across the world, you can now control your devices with just a wireless connection and this app.  When you’re off to sleep, you don’t have to walk around the house to turn off the lights – simply use your app to remotely switch all the lights off.

#2. Control Multiple Devices

The app is compatible with many smart devices used across your house or office. You can configure all of these devices with a single app and control them.

#3. Voice Control

Digital assistants like Alexa, Cortana or the Google Assistant have made our life easier. I love using the Smart Life app because it lets me control all the devices using voice commands without having to manually access my Smart Life app.

#4. Family Sharing

It can be tough when you live in a house and each family member has different uses. You can now share the app with all your family members and decide who can control and manage which devices.

#5. Real-Time Alerts

The Smart life app also gives you real-time alerts and notifications. This way, you can always know when there is any emergency at home or if there was a smoke alarm triggered. The Smart Life app can double as a security app for your home.

#6. Away Mode

You can use the away mode on the app to randomly turn light on or off. This can be a fool-proof method to prevent burglars from eyeing your house and can keep your house secure. This is a really good feature that helped me when I was away on holiday and it can definitely help you too.

#7. Automations

Smart Life App + IFTTT

With the Smart Life app, you can build several automation tasks easily using the IFTTT feature. With this you can set up timings to turn off, turn on or manage other devices in the house. This can be a great feature for those people like me who might have a difficulty in remembering to manage devices.

#8. Grouping

We often have various devices in the house that can be categorized based on devices or rooms. I set up different groups for Kitchen and bedroom. This way, I can turn on and off all the devices at once when I’m in the room or when I’m leaving the room.

#9. Timers

I love cooking, and if you’re someone as forgetful as me – you definitely need a Smart Life App. This app lets you set timers so that you can turn off the device after a certain time. Say goodbye to burning food, and say hello to perfect cooking.


I am now sure that you have enough information on how to download and install Smart Life App for Windows PC and Mac. Do let me know in the comment section if you have any queries regarding the same!

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