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If you’re someone who’d want a better tune to their rhymes, then you definitely need Voloco for PC. For me, this app really works out well because it is capable of combining automatic tuning and harmony. All I have to do is choose one track for my music collection or something from their free library. Now, the app will do its magic and tune my voice to match the key of the track.

Features of Voloco

Here are a few features of Voloco app which you shouldn’t miss out trying when you use the application on your devices.

voloco auto tune

#1. Real-Time Tuning

Voloco is dreams come true for those artists who want to record their all-time favorite tracks. The app can process the voice in real-time and pick out the right tune from the track. All you have to do is select the track you want to sing and auto-tune your voice to that song. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks!

#2. Easy Sharing Feature

Voloco not only lets you record your ultimate performances in either video or audio but also gives you the reigns. That’s right; you can now easily share them through your preferred apps. Whether it’s a new music video selfie for Instagram or a fun track for the family to enjoy, you can do it all.

#3. Export Tracks

It’s a pity if you can sing awesome music tracks on Voloco and not be able to export it, right? Well, you can! You can now export all your tracks to save into any format of your choice. Not only can you remix this with over vocals but you can also take it to do the final mixing elsewhere.

#4. Top Tracks

It ensures to add and update the library at all times so that you can access all the professional-quality music tracks that users have made on this app. It lets you have the best experience in auto-tuning and creating tracks of your own.

#5. Beat Library

If you’re someone who loves to rap a short rhyme or sing over a specific beat, then the beat library can help you. With the beat library on this app, you can now choose from hundreds of beats to help you rap or sing.

#6. Preset Choice

You might want to add some cool vocal effects for your music tracks. However, we often don’t know what we want, right? With Voloco tuning application, you can now choose from dozens of cool vocal effect preset packs and start making music, the professional way.

#7. User Interface

Many might think that auto-tuning can be a hassle. Well, it’s not. Voloco has been designed with all kinds of users in mind. You can now maneuver through this app with the breeze. The user-friendly nature of the app will only keep you wanting more and more.

So these were some of the things which you can do on your Voloco application. Let us now see how you can install the app on your Windows 10, 8, & 7 based computers and laptops.

How to Download Voloco for PC

Let us see the procedure to install Voloco with each one of those emulators!

voloco app pc

Method 1: Install Using Bluestacks!

#1. Download Bluestacks emulator latest and updated version on your desktop from the official website Bluestacks.com or you can download it directly from here.

#2. Once the emulator is downloaded, install it and make sure you use your existing Google account to sign-in so that all your app data will be synced to this emulator. Of course, you can use new Google account too if you want to.  

#3. Now,launch the Play Store in Bluestacks emulator and find the Voloco app by using the search option in the Play Store.

#4. Next, click on the install button once you find the app. Once installed, start using this autotune free app.

This is one of the easiest ways through which you can download Voloco app on your PC with the help of Bluestacks emulator! Let us move on to the second method now.

Method 2: Using NoxPlayer

#1. Download and install the updated version of NoxPlayer from official website or get it directly from here.

#2. Once the NoxPlayer emulator is installed on your computer, launch NoxPlayer and sign-in using your current Google account to sync the old app data in the emulator or you can also create a new one if needed.

#3. Now, launch the Play Store app and search for Voloco app in it using the search bar. Install the app once you find it. Moreover, you can also side load the APK file if you don’t find the app (in rare case) in the Google Play Store.

#4. If there’s any account needed to access Voloco app, you can login using your credentials or create a new account to access the application on your computer or laptop.

Well, that’s how easy it is to install this app on Windows desktop or laptop using NoxPlayer emulator.

Final Words!

I hope you’ve now got enough idea about how to download and install Voloco on PC using the two best Android emulators. There are many more emulators but these two are the trusted and reliable ones. Do let me know in the comments if you face any issues during the installation process.

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