How To Watch Roku Channel in Australia

Streaming the Roku channel might seem difficult if you live in Australia. Worry not! This article will guide you on how to watch Roku Channel in Australia via a tested and reliable method. After reading this article, you can easily stream your favorite shows on the Roku channel.

How to Watch Roku Channel in Australia

To unblock the Roku channel in Australia, you must have a VPN to hide your online identity. We won’t recommend free VPNs, as many need to be trustworthy. 

Premium VPNs protect your identity using highly secure protocols and advanced security features. Many VPNs don’t provide their official apps for Roku as it doesn’t support it. VPNs like Expressvpn, Surfshark, Nordvpn, etc., provide indirect ways to establish their VPN service on Roku devices.

Before this, you must create a new Roku U.S. account (if you don’t have one). You can use any browser or Roku application to create the account. Every VPN offers different ways to access their service on Roku.

For example, Expressvpn provides three ways to install it on Roku: Your home router, Virtual router, and Screencasting or mirroring. Similarly, Shark allows you to access its service using a physical and virtual router. The method might differ according to VPN. Visit their official website to know detailed steps.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Roku Channel in Australia?

Roku channel has placed geo-restrictions so only people ( US, UK & Canada ) it allows can access its content. Producers or content creators bind Roku with distribution and copyright laws. You can use the Roku channel while you live in the U.S. 

Once you go outside this country or live anywhere else, the Roku channel won’t be available to you. To avoid encountering financial penalties, Roku uses Geo-tracking techniques to detect I.P. addresses of people who visit its platform. 

If Roku finds your I.P. address coming from a restricted area, it blocks your access to the Roku channel. The best way to bypass such restrictions is to use a VPN.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Roku Channel in Australia?

We have found the three best VPNs based on these factors – security measures strength, server network, secure protocols, affordability, connection speed, unblocking strength, multiple devices compatibility, and fast customer support.

1. Expressvpn

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Australia Roku accounts for unblocking the Roku channel due to the availability of streaming-optimized locations. 

ExpressVPN has around 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. Out of them, 20 are present in 16 locations of the U.S.

Expressvpn’s lightning-fast speeds are due to the Lightway protocol. It has been recently replaced with the Wireguard protocol. ExpressVPN is created on the world’s securest encryption standard, i.e., AES 256-bit, which makes it almost unbreakable by any snooper.

You can connect six more devices at once under Expressvpn’s single subscription. It Supports devices such as Android, Windows, Linux, smart T.V.s, Roku routers, macOS devices, iOS, Firefox,  desktop browsers & game consoles.

2. Nordvpn

NordVPN is another top VPN on this list because of its outstanding features. By offering an extensive network of 5310+ servers in 59+ nations, NordVPN has become the most popular VPN ( including 1,970+ servers in the U.S. 

NordVPN’s Nordlynx protocol is among the world’s fastest protocols. It also provides the IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. Its features are created over the world’s trusted encryption standard of AES 256-bit.

NordVPN is compatible with many devices such as Android, Windows, Apple T.V., macOS, Samsung T.V., Firesticks, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation, & browser extensions. You can access Nordvpn connection on 6 devices simultaneously under its single subscription.

3. Surfshark

Surfshark is the best budget-friendly VPN to access the Roku channel in Australia without compromising security. By having a large network of 3200+ servers across 65+ countries, Surfshark provides 600 servers only in the U.S. in around 20 locations.

The presence of Wireguard Protocol makes it a faster VPN service capable of streaming high-quality videos on the Roku channel. Smart DNS, GPS spoofing, and Split tunneling are some of its helpful features designed on military-level AES 256-bit encryption standard. 

The best deal that Surfshark offers is its service accessibility on unlimited devices. You can secure all devices of your family members.

Its apps are available for Android, windows, routers, Linux, Samsung T.V., iOS, Android T.V., games consoles, and browsers.

FAQs – Roku Channel in Australia

Here are answers to common questions asked regarding VPN use in Australia.

Is it legal to watch Roku Channel in Australia with a VPN?

The Copyright Act of Australia does not mention VPN usage being illegal in this country. You can freely use a VPN to access the Roku channel’s geo-restricted content or enhance your data/device security. However, problems may occur when anyone uses VPNs for committing criminal activities.

Can you watch Roku Channel in Australia with a free VPN?

You can use a free VPN to unblock the Roku channel in Australia but with the following disadvantages. 

  • They may sell the sensitive data stored in your device to other parties to make a profit. This action dismisses the overall purpose of relying on a VPN.
  • Security measures are not as advanced as Premium VPNs, which can leak your I.P. address. 
  • Limited server options, unlike paid services.
  • Poor customer support.

Does Roku work in all countries?

The Roku Channel is open to people living in the U.S., U.K., and Canada on its streaming, mobile devices, and the Web. If you travel outside these countries or stay anywhere, you must have a reliable VPN for accessing Roku.

Wrap Up!

The Roku channel is available for free, and you pay only for adding premium channels. Remember, watching the Roku channel in Australia is impossible without a VPN.

We have recommended three trusted VPN service providers being at the top of this game of bypassing Roku channel geo-restrictions. Subscribe to a Premium VPN, establish its connection on your device, and start steaming the Roku channel.

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