How to Advertise Your Custom Woodworking Service

Advertise Your Woodworking Service

Whether you are a woodwork professional or a beginner, there is no way you can succeed in your business without advertisements. You need to put your services out there to attract potential customers. However, you need to use the right methods that will give you the best results.

We know that this is a major challenge many woodworking business owners face but we want to make things easy for you if you will read this article up to the end. Here we shall discuss some of the best ways you can advertise your custom woodworking services. Are you ready to take your woodwork business to the next level? Follow the steps below.

Steps of Advertising Your Custom Woodworking Services

Woodworking Websites

Start by creating a website for your business. The best thing about using a website is that you can easily display all the projects you have done in different categories. This will make it easy for potential clients to hire you for various services. Also adding more photos and a bit of description on the type of woodwork projects you deal with will give you great results. You can also create a page where customers can leave remarks on how they feel about your services. Testimonials are one of the greatest ways to attract more customers. Remember to share your website on various forums related to woodwork.

Other websites

Today there are many websites that that allows you to advertise your woodworking services. is the best and the most popular website that will give you amazing results. The site gets lots of visitors everyday who are in search of various products which means that you are highly likely to get positive feedback. The other site is which gives you an option of shipping the item to the buyer. This means that you can sell your products in any part of the world.

Trade shows

Through tradeshows, you can easily advertise your services to potential clients. This will also depend on your skills to display your woodwork talents. Don’t forget to carry handouts and brochures which has photos and descriptions of your services. You can also establish a creative way of collecting the participant’s contacts so that you can follow up after the meeting. This way there is a high possibility of converting most of them to buyers.


If you have not yet thought about placing your business ads on various newspapers and magazines, you are missing a lot. All you need to do is to set a budget depending on what you would like to cover in your ad. Remember to highlight the major services you offer plus you contacts.

Social media

Another great way of attracting potential buyers is through social networks such as Facebook. The best way to do this is by creating a Facebook page for your business where you can upload photos, videos and descriptions of the kind of services you offer. Don’t forget to add you contact details such as phone number, email or Skype.


Another great way of advertising is through word of mouth. One of the best ways to achieve success is through sharing your business cards and brochures. You can also promise to offer discounts to repeat customers. Also try to offer discounts and gifts for every referral a person sends on your way.


Another great idea is creating a showroom in your business where potential customers can view some of the projects you have done. You can also compile a book with samples of your products for your customers to see.


You can also try to do some research on various magazines and publications that deal with home decorations and woodworking in general. Placing your ads in those magazines will give you an upper hand in business since most of the people who read such publications maybe looking for similar products like those you have already designed. Classified ads are a bit cheap and if you are on a budget, you can start with those ones. When your budget allows, you can now move to larger publications.

Rent a space in conferences and different gatherings

Select those seminars or trade shows that will bring the kind of results you would like to achieve. Here you can create a display of the complicated pieces you have designed such as home furniture and other types of woodwork pieces in a creative way that will be appealing to those attending the trade show. Remember to share your business cards or your contact info.


When it comes to advertisements, you need to be sure of exactly what will work for your business if you want to get the best results. Some of the methods are free while others are not and this means that you need to set a budget accordingly. You can also start with the free ones if you are just starting out. Any of the above methods will give you amazing results and will help your business to scale higher. Now it is time to take action.