How to Get NBC Sports Free Trial

NBC Sports is a renowned streaming service that offers a wide range of sports channels to watch from, and you can stream the F1, NFL, PGA, NASCAR, and much more. However, many people keep are unaware of the NBC Sports free trial and are confused if the service provides one.  

Well, the answer to that and many other frequently asked questions will be provided in this article as I will tell you how you can sign up for the NBC free trial. However, you must know that getting this trial is not relatively easy.  

Is there a NBC Sports Free Trial?

Unfortunately, NBC Sports or NBC Sports Gold doesn’t provide a free trial on their website. However, you can still watch NBC for free with other streaming services like Hulu, FuboTV, etc.

However, NBC is compatible with almost all streaming devices like Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, and iOS/Android devices.  

You can get a free trial for a maximum of seven days which you can use to stream NBC Sports content. But you must remember that the NBC channels in packages differ from one streaming platform to another; it depends on your choice.  

How to Sign Up for NBC Sports Free Trial 

As mentioned earlier, NBC Sports Gold doesn’t offer a free trial directly on its website. However, you can get the NBC free trial with FuboTV, Sling TV, and DIRECTV Stream. Hulu + Live TV also offers numerous NBC Sports channels as a part of its plan; however, it doesn’t offer a free trial.  

FuboTV provides a 7-day free trial, and its package includes NBC Sports Network and 90 other popular sports, news, and entertainment channels. You can get this free trial directly from their website or click here

Create an account with FuboTV and get to watch NBC channels for seven days for free.  

You can also watch NBC Sports for free with Sling TV, which offers a 3-day free trial. You can sign up for the same from their website directly as NBC Sports Network is a part of the Sling TV Blue package, including some of the other renowned channels like ESPN, Comedy Central, CNN, and many more.  

Lastly, you can also watch NBC Sports Gold for free for five days with DIRECTV Stream. DIRECTV is offering a 5-day free trial, and its package includes NBC sports channel. Thus, you get five days to stream NBC channels for absolutely free. 

However, DIRECTV Stream is a more expensive service than the other two.  

How Much Is NBC Sports After the Free Trial 

NBC Sports Gold doesn’t offer a free trial, as we have mentioned multiple times in this article. However, I will list its subscription price so that you can go ahead and sign up for the paid service if you like. The NBC PGA Tour package costs $9.99/month and $64.99/year.  

Its famous Premium League pass will cost you $54.99 for the entire season, and its Track Pass, which includes access to all the games, is priced at $4.99/month and $44.99/year. And there are many other passes and plans offered by NBC Sports for different sports, which you can check from their website directly.  

Now, let’s talk about the prices of other streaming platforms that provide access to the NBC Sports network once their free trial ends:  

FuboTV, which provides a 7-day free trial of the NBC Sports channel, will cost you $64.99/month once the free trial ends.  

Sling TV Blue Sports Package includes NBC Sports and provides a 3-day free trial. It will cost you $35/month as and when its free trial ends.  

DIRECTV Stream, which provides a 5-day free trial and includes NBC as a part of its package, is priced at $69.99/month.  

You must know that Hulu + Live TV also offers access to NBC channels but doesn’t provide a free trial. And it is priced at $69.99/month.

Similarly, YouTube TV is priced at $64.99 and includes the NBC Sports network.  

Can You Cancel NBC Sports Before Free Trial Ends 

Yes, NBC Sports allows its users to cancel their free trial at any time. You can easily cancel your free trial if you don’t want to continue streaming.

However, the cancellation process will differ from one streaming platform to the next, depending on which one you select.

You must know that the cancellation process of FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu, etc., are very similar. All you have to do is sign in to your account using your credentials.

And then, head to the ‘My Account’ or ‘Manage Subscriptions’ option and then tap on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to end your free trial. 

This will prevent you from getting billed with a monthly paid subscription if you don’t want to continue, as all of these platforms auto-renew their subscriptions as soon as the free trial ends.

So, add a reminder to don’t forget to cancel your free trials.  

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