Where to Watch Dr Phil Full Episodes Free

The Dr. Phil show is one of the top American talk shows enjoyed by millions of viewers in the US. Dr. Phil McGraw, an experienced psychologist, and sociologist hosts this TV show, where he shares real-life stories related to emotional and behavioral problems that humans face.

Since its launch in 2002, the show has been the favorite show of most citizens. Especially after the 10th season, the fans of Dr. Phil have increased tremendously.

If you are one of the Dr.Phil show lovers, read this post to learn how to watch Dr. Phil full episodes online.

Streaming Services that has Dr. Phil

The best way to watch Dr. Phil online is by using streaming services that offer the OWN channel (the channel that officially broadcasts Dr. Phil). Several free and paid channels stream the OWN channel, and you can play it by subscribing and installing these channels on a streaming device. Below are the best streaming services that have Dr. Phil.

Watch Dr. Phil Full Episodes Online on Philo – Cheapest Way to Stream


Philo is one of the cheapest ways to stream TV shows like Dr. Phil. The service costs only $25 per month and offers a free seven days trial to test their service before subscribing. If you are looking to view full seasons of Dr. Phil, get Philo on your streaming device or go to the Philo website, search for Dr. Phil, and start playing!

Watch Dr. Phil on Hulu Live 

Hulu live TV is one of the best places to watch on-demand content. But, you can’t stream Dr. Phil using your Hulu Live TV subscription since Hulu doesn’t offer the OWN channel.

Watch Dr. Phil on Sling TV

Sling TV is another affordable service that offers several live TV channels and movies. Though, Sling TV doesn’t support the OWN channel. So, you can’t stream Dr. Phil on Sling TV directly. But, you can watch it through other channels like AMC, TV Land, ABC, etc., that broadcast this show.

Watch Dr. Phil on Direct TV

DIRECT TV is a popular cable TV alternative offering a bunch of live channels. The service includes the OWN channel within its monthly bundle costing $35. And you can stream all seasons of Dr. Phil live with this channel. It even offers cloud DVR storage to download the show and stream at your convenience.

Watch Dr. Phil on Pluto TV Free

Pluto TV is a streaming service available for US viewers. The service lets you enjoy watching complete seasons of the Dr. Phil show without paying a dime. You can access the talk show using the Pluto app on your media players like Roku, FireStick TV, or the Pluto website.

Watch Dr. Phil on Youtube TV

You can stream Dr. Phil and 85+ live TV channels with a YouTube TV subscription. The channel offers unlimited cloud DVR storage and an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows seamlessly. You can install YouTube TV on your streaming device or hop on to its official website to watch the Dr. Phil show.

Can You Watch Dr. Phil on Netflix

Unfortunately, Dr. Phil is not available on Netflix since the platform doesn’t support the OWN channel. That means you’ll have to stick to the other channels listed above.

Is Dr. Phil on Peacock?

Peacock doesn’t support the OWN channel, and hence, you cannot stream the Dr. Phil show on Peacock. Nonetheless, the service has various other TV shows worth checking out!

Can I watch Dr. Phil on Amazon Prime?

No, you won’t find all seasons of Dr. Phil’s show on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video only hosts the first season of this popular show which you can watch by Subscribing to 30 days Free trial of Amazon prime. So, for the rest of the seasons, you’ll have to check out other channels.

Watch the Dr. Phil Show Online Using the Official OWN Website

Apart from streaming channels, the official OWN app and website are excellent places to watch Dr. Phil. You can get the app for your iOS or Android device or visit the website using any web browser and catch up with all the Dr. Phil seasons. The only catch is that you’ll need to use your OWN account credentials.

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