Top Streaming Services to Help Students Study

The modern world is subject to digitalization trends. The educational process is no longer similar to the canons adopted centuries ago. Most young students prefer to use web platforms and streaming services to gain new knowledge.

Trends like these are evident, as no one wants to waste time on classic books. Now people are tuned in to fast content and the ability to get answers to key questions in just a couple of minutes.

Here are the top streaming services you can use to improve your academic performance.


And here is the first option that will be extremely useful for most modern students. Dacast is an online video education platform for small educators and major institutions that support live streaming and on-demand video hosting.

Here, professors can stream and upload short video tutorials to help students understand specific topics. Surely you will be glad to see Zoom Meeting integration, a handy HTML5 video player, and media links to stream to mobile and smart TV apps.

Now you can share educational content using any modern device.

In addition, you can use the live-stream recording options if you do not have time to listen to everything your professor says.

But what if you want to participate actively in discussions despite tons of assignments you need to craft? Perhaps you should delegate your papers to reliable writing services.

Check out companies like essay hub to see what services you can expect. After delegating assignments, you can return to multi-bitrate streaming and enjoy Dacast as one of the most convenient educational platforms.


Here is another top streaming and video platform perfect for live lectures. Here, teachers can organize online classes and record videos for students.

By the way, the interface and many functional tools are very similar to those integrated into YouTube, so your process of adapting to the new platform is unlikely to be long.

One of the most exciting options of this platform is automated transcripts generation. Professors can also add in-video notes, quizzes, and discussions, making distance learning interactive.

By the way, professors can also make content private, depending on the specific type of user who is trying to access the course. Another plus is that the online live class platform has a user-friendly interface.

You can even add bookmarks to the video and make time-stamped notes. Also, you can count on the full-text search and asset categorization, which is quite handy for daily use.


Muvi is a modern e-learning video portal and streaming online class platform. This website works like a subscription, although you can also enable the pay-per-view option.

Moreover, the company has developed a user-friendly website and applications for most smart devices. That makes the educational process even more convenient.

Professors and students will surely appreciate this multi-screen platform with live streaming, audio streaming, and VOD options.

The company has developed a convenient CMS for teachers and content creators. Students and professors can quickly organize online content and start webcasts.

You can also count on live chat features and interactive options to help improve the educational process. Sometimes students may want to access content available in a language they do not know.

Thanks to multiple language subtitles, you do not have to worry that some part of the knowledge will remain inaccessible to you.

Besides, professors can add notes, PDF files, and PPTs to specific sections of the online video class.

Hippo Video

Many startups know Hippo Video professional video streaming hosting provider. However, the company also offers virtual classroom software for online classes and the ability to publish on-demand videos.

One of the most exciting features of this streaming platform is the unique virtual classroom that you can activate as soon as you download the unique Chrome extension. In addition, Hippo Video integrates with Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail.

This option greatly facilitates the exchange of files and assignments between teachers and students.

Students will undoubtedly appreciate the interactive options for interacting with professors and other people during video broadcasts. In addition, the screen recording option will be handy for those who want to save essential fragments of an online lecture or seminar.

Now the educational process will be convenient for all users. The maximum duration of on-demand videos should not exceed two hours.

However, this limitation does not look critical because most online lessons last no more than 45-60 minutes. It is unlikely that your teacher will want to record a two-hour on-demand video.


As you can see, online learning can be very comfortable, especially if you choose good streaming services. The above companies have done everything to make online education more productive than attending schools, colleges, and universities.

Look at the above options, and you are unlikely to remain indifferent. You can use all these sites to find on-demand videos, even if your professor doesn’t accept digital classes.

Surely you will appreciate the wide academic opportunities and freedom of choice, so do not hesitate!

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security, Roku guides, cord-cutting, and more.

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