Why is my Roku Remote Battery Drains fast – How to Fix it

Many Roku users experience that their Roku remote drains the battery faster. Lucky for you, there are several ways to fix this problem. These are simple, easy to follow, and will help you Roku remote battery drain fix.

Moreover, Roku has a new update that automatically fixes this battery drain issue.

Read on to find out how to quickly fix your Roku remote draining battery issue without burning a hole in your pocket!

Why Your Roku Remote Battery Drains Fast?

There can be a lot of reasons as to why your Roku remote draining batteries fast. A few of them are –

  • Overuse of the remote
  • Poor quality of batteries
  • Keys locked up in a pressed position, etc.
  • Using Voice feature for extended time
  • Powering device through usb port
  • You have a faulty remote

Roku Stick Remote Battery Drain Fix – Best Solutions

Multiple reasons can cause your Roku remote to drain the battery. Sometimes, it can be fixed easily by restarting the device, whereas other times, it requires a little more effort than that.

It can be due to the reasons mentioned above or due to some other underlying issue. But fret not, for no matter what the issue is, we’ve got the fix for you!

1.  Try to power your Roku device through a wall outlet instead of USB port

Powering your Roku device through a wall outlet ensures that it gets the required amount of electricity to charge fully. In the case of a USB port, the charging speed is less.

More importantly, the Roku remote battery gets drained even when a device connected does not require charging. Some people have the habit of connecting their phone to the USB charging circuit, and it will drain out the battery easily even it is not in use.

2. Try factory reset

Resetting your Roku remote erases all the personalized settings. You can do this simply by pressing the RESET button (located near the battery compartment) for a few seconds after restarting your Roku device. The pairing light will start blinking and the device should reset and pair.

3. Maybe remote is faulty so Get a new one

Sometimes, the odds are that you might have just received a faulty or damaged product. The best way to go about is to consider buying a new remote. Various options are available online on shopping platforms or 

TIP – Try talking to customer support and check to see if you qualify their requirements for a free exchange or refund of the remote.

4. Don’t Use the Remote’s Headphones or Voice Features

Roku’s voice features enable the users to connect their earphones instead of the speakers – they have high consumption requirements. While suitable for short periods of time, this can quickly drain your remote’s battery when used for longer periods.

Disabling the voice features on your Roku remote can help significantly reduce the battery requirements of the remote.

This can be achieved by switching off the audio guide option in the accessibility section of settings.

5. Use Your Smartphone as a Remote

6. Contact Roku support to likely replace your remote

Ultimately, if your Roku remote still malfunctions, you should consider contacting Roku support to try and get a replacement for the same.

To contact Roku support, you can create a service/help request on Roku’s website at www.roku.com.

Here, you can address your issues by talking to customer support either on chat with their LiveChat feature offering quick assistance.

You can also call their toll-free number and talk to the customer service agent there about your issue in detail.

How long should Roku remote batteries last?

When used moderately, Roku batteries should last for at least two months. If you observe that your Roku remote is draining within the first few weeks of use, take a shot at one of the tips mentioned above to solve the issue.

Here are 3 Best Batteries for Roku Remote

  1. Duracell – CopperTop AAA Alkaline Batteries – Long Lasting, All-Purpose
  2. Energizer AAA Batteries, Max Triple A Max Battery Alkaline
  3. ACDelco AAA Batteries, Maximum Power Super Alkaline Battery, 10-Year Shelf Life

Bottom Line

We addressed a few of the popular issues faced by users when it comes to their Roku remotes. The quick fixes mentioned above will guide you to solve all your Roku remote battery issues.

But, if you cannot resolve your battery drainage issues for some reason, your last resort is just to call up a technical professional and let them take charge of the wheel from that point.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security, Roku guides, cord-cutting, and more.

4 thoughts on “Why is my Roku Remote Battery Drains fast – How to Fix it”

  1. My batteries drain in 2 days…3-4 days with really expensive batteries. 32 inch TCL Roku tv is a nightmare ! It is working fine and than in an instant nothing at all ! I take the batteries out and change them but first I hold down the power button before putting in new ones.
    Days later I can take the old batteries and put them back in and they work again ! It is nuts ! I have a pretty large bucket in my night stand holding all the batteries this remote drains. Lots of batteries in the last 5 months alone ! Never again will I buy a Roku TV !

  2. My remote drains every 3 days and have to pair it numerous times even if I have paired it before with same batteries?
    Are there other type of batteries that I can use on my remote rather than normal alkaline batteries to keep them from draining so fast?


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