How to Watch and Stream Decades TV on Roku

Launched in 2015, Decades TV network is a famous American TV channel. The channel curates some of the best classic TV shows and movies that you shouldn’t miss watching out. You can even find shows from the 1950s to the 1980s on this channel.

Despite having a vast library of entertaining programs, the Decades TV channel is only available on selected cable TV providers and streaming devices. That said, let’s see how to watch and stream Decades TV on Roku.

How To Add Decades TV On Roku

Decades TV is not available as an official channel on Roku. So, you cannot install the app from the Roku Channel Store. However, some streaming services like Hulu, DirecTV, etc., support Decades TV. That means you have first to install any one of the Decades TV-supporting channels. Then you can stream its shows on your Roku device.

Via Hulu

Since Decades TV is not available on Roku, you can watch its programs through its affiliate networks. One such network is the CBS TV network. The CBS channel is available on Hulu, and you can stream it using your cable TV subscription.

CBS provides access to some of the Decades TV content so that you can search for the video and stream on your Roku. You can download and install Hulu on Roku from the channel store.

Via DirecTV

Like CBS, the Fox and NBC channels are also affiliated with Decades TV. You can get these channels on Roku using DirecTV and stream Decades TV programs. For that, you will first have to install DirecTV on Roku from the Roku Channel Store. Later, you can search for any Decades TV program and stream it on your Roku TV.

Via Fios TV

If you reside in the New York region, you can watch the Decades channel using the Fios TV. However, the Fios TV app is only available for mobile devices running on Android, iOS operating systems. So, you cannot install it on your Roku to watch the Decades TV app. The only option is to install the app on your mobile device and screen mirror its content on your Roku device screen.

Via Spectrum TV

In some regions like New York and California, the Decades TV streams its shows via the Spectrum TV app. You can watch Spectrum TV using your cable TV subscription or your Roku device. Roku has a dedicated Spectrum TV app which can be downloaded from the Roku Channel Store.

What Happened to the Decades Channel on Roku?

Roku no longer supports the Decades Channel direct streaming. The only method to stream or access Decades TV programs on Roku is affiliate network channels supporting Decades TV.


Decades TV channel is an OTA platform to watch entertaining movies and TV shows. But the channel is only available to US viewers via cable TV networks. To view Decades TV on devices like Roku, you need to use another supporting streaming service provider and follow the instructions given in this guide.

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  1. Where can i watch decades TV channel it’s not on my cable TV app Xfinity app how can I watch it when I’m away from the TV I broke my leg and I can’t make it to the big TV in the living room and unfortunately I have no TV in my bedroom I can only watch TV on my phone how do I watch decades TV when it says I can’t walk sit on Xfinity app at the licensing agreements problem


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