How to Set Custom Wallpaper on Roku tv

Your Roku Tv includes preloaded photos and themes that can be used to give a custom look to your Roku device. You can preset what displays on your TV while you are not watching. You can choose the color and layout of menus as well as customize the background images, screensaver to your liking. 

The theme packs available lets you personalize your Roku Interface. Roku player comes included with a default theme pack. Personalized themes can be created or preloaded themes can be installed from the settings section of your device. 

Customizing your Roku interface is the simplest way to personalize your viewing experience

How to Set Custom Wallpaper on Roku Tv

From the tone and layout of the menu to the pictures that appear on your TV to the screen saver and toggle sounds, a theme pack sets the overall look and appeal of your Roku interface. Roku has enabled a new feature that allows you to customize your Roku interface. You can create your own screensaver or use your photos and see them on TV.

Here are some best roku screensavers.

Just have to have your photos backed up. Before you can create your own custom screen saver using your photos. You would need to install the Roku app on your mobile.

To download, search for the Roku app from the play store or the app store. Upon installation ensure that the app is connected to your Roku device

How to browse for new themes or change the default theme pack

Browsing for new themes or changing the default theme to something that appeals to you has never been easier. You select from the list of theme packs and change from the settings menu by following the steps shown below

  1. Click on the Home button your remote
  2. Navigate down using the arrow keys and click on Settings
  3. From the menu that pops up select Theme
  4. Click on Theme Packs and toggle through the various options. A white tick shows that particular theme  is available on your device. A green tick shows your present theme pack
  5. Navigate using your remote to the theme you want to set and press OK which opens the details associated with the theme
  6. If the theme is pre-installed, you can click on Select theme pack
  7. If the theme is not installed, you can install it by clicking on Get Theme Pack from the description menu of the theme
  8. Once the new theme is installed  you can click on Set Theme

Once you have set a new theme on your device, you can personalize your Roku interface by changing the wallpaper, screen saver, or toggle sounds. To do so Open the Theme menu and follow steps 1 to 3 shown above.

From the menu that pops up select from the list based on what you wish to customize. You can choose Wallpaper, Screen saver, or Navigation sounds. During the festive season, Roku would offer some seasonal theme packs.

How to Create Your Own Roku Theme Wallpaper

It’s the holiday season and you will surely snap some pictures. When you get back it’s certain you want to show off those pics on your big screen.

Like most of the bunch, you will probably have your photos and videos on your smartphone.

To stream your photos you just need to install the Roku mobile app on your smartphone. You can set your favorite photos as the wallpaper by following the steps below.

  1. Launch The Roku mobile app on your smartphone
  2. If your device is not linked with the app. Click on Devices from the navigation bar.
  3. Select Your Roku Device
  4. When the device is connected, click on the Media icon and select Play on Roku from the menu
  5. Click on Screen saver to set a wallpaper for your TV with the pictures on your smartphone

However, if you choose to set your existing screensaver to any of the ones that are present in the Roku Channel store you follow these steps.

A few screen savers are pre-loaded with your device but others need to be purchased or downloaded from the store

  1. Click on Home from your Roku remote
  2. Navigate and click on Settings
  3. From the menu click on Theme to open the theme menu
  4. From the list select Screen savers
  5.  Browse through the screen savers already on your device 
  6. click on Set as Screen saver to switch the old screensaver
  7. If the screen saver is not installed, you can preview it by clicking on View Screenshot
  8. To install a new one, click on Get screensaver, or if the screen saver needs to purchased you would find Buy for $XXX  if it is a paid one
  9. After it is installed you can click on Set Screen saver to change your pre existing screen saver


Roku offers a variety of themes and screen savers to optimize your viewing experience. You can personalize the layout with your own photos by connecting the Roku app on your smartphone with your Roku device.Currently, Roku has not enabled an option to create your own themes.However, they release seasonal themes to match your vibe during the festive season

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