How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

If you are among the many people who are looking for a way to cancel your Planet Fitness gym membership, then you are in luck! We will help clear your confusion by explaining the method of cancellation in detail so that you can end your subscriptions in no time. 

In addition to canceling, you will also learn how to pause, upgrade, and cancel Planet Fitness membership. We all know that cancellation fees can be expensive, so we will inform you about them before you can take the decision to cancel.

Gym memberships are famously known for being difficult to cancel, but with our help, the process will become way easier for you. 

How to cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness subscription online?

Unlike other memberships, Planet Fitness does not allow its customers to cancel their subscriptions online through the official Planet Fitness website. Aside from their website, you will not be allowed to cancel membership through email either.

I know how annoying and frustrating this must be because it takes a lot more effort, time, and money to cancel my Planet Fitness membership. Regardless, you can follow the methods below so you can get rid of your Planet Fitness membership for good. 

Can You Cancel Planet Fitness Anytime?

You have the choice to cancel Planet Fitness membership any time that you want, but you might need to pay a cancellation fee depending on the type of membership you purchased.

For example, if you chose a 12-month obligation membership plan, then you will have to pay the fees for all 12 months if you decide to cancel before your contract is supposed to end.

For instance, let us say that you purchased a one-year contract, but you want to cancel it 10 months into the membership. Then, you have two remaining months in the contract for which you will have to pay as a penalty for canceling early. 

But if you are a member who has been paying for the one-year obligation membership for more than 12 months, then you have the ability to cancel your subscription whenever you want. There is no restriction if you fall under this category. 

Also, if you signed up for no-commitment subscriptions from Planet Fitness, then you can end your memberships at any time you want. 

Is It Hard to cancel my Planet Fitness Membership?

If we are being honest with you, canceling your Planet Fitness membership is quite difficult. This is because Planet Fitness does not give you the option to cancel online or by phone.

If you were allowed to do it through the phone, or online, then the process would have been much easier. But since you can only cancel it in person or by mailing a letter, cancellation is considered to be harder than usual.

But it does not matter because we will give you tips and tricks along the way so you will find the cancellation process a little simpler. 

How to Cancel Planet Fitness membership

There are two ways to cancel Planet Fitness membership. You can either mail a letter to Planet Fitness, or you can cancel the membership in person. Let us look at both the methods in detail now.

Cancel in-person

Of the two methods, this is probably the most direct way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. All you need to do is travel to the nearest Planet Fitness club and talk to the front desk.

Tell them that you need to cancel the membership and ask for a cancellation form. You can fill that cancellation form out and submit it. Then, wait for your cancellation to be processed. 

Cancel via letter

If you do not want to visit the Planet Fitness club, then you can simply send a letter with all your information to them. In that letter, you need to include details such as your name, phone number, address, and your Planet ID membership number.

Also, express your desire to cancel your membership so they know what the letter is about. Then, mail it to the address of the nearest Planet Fitness gym club. 

After sending the letter, make sure that it has been received and approved. Do not forget to confirm your cancellation because you might still be charged if the cancellation has not been approved. 

How to pause your Planet Fitness membership

If you suddenly meet with a medical emergency that prevents you from using your Planet Fitness membership, then you have the option to pause your membership for a certain period of time.

For medical emergencies, you can pause your Planet Fitness membership for a maximum of three months. This way, you would not have to say goodbye to Planet Fitness completely. 

To pause your Planet Fitness membership, you need to contact customer support.

You can go to the nearest Planet Fitness club and get them to put your membership on hold. Or else, you can call customer support on the phone and speak to them about pausing your Planet Fitness membership.

Either way, you should personally check with the club that you go to because the rules differ for each club. 

How to upgrade or downgrade your Planet Fitness membership

Not happy with your current Planet Fitness membership and want more? You can upgrade your membership easily online. Just go to the Upgrade page and follow the steps there when prompted.

To complete your upgrade, you will need to provide your Planet Fitness Keytag number for verification.

If you cannot do this process online, then you can also do it when you go to the club in person. 

Unlike upgrading, downgrading cannot be done online. You can only downgrade your membership in person, so just visit the nearest Planet Fitness club and talk to the employees there about downgrading your membership. 


Now, let us look at some of your most commonly asked questions about canceling Planet Fitness memberships, as well as the answers to them. 

Is There a Fee to Cancel Planet Fitness?

Yes, if you cancel Planet Fitness membership within the first 12 months of your one-year obligation, then you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $58. This is known as an early termination fee. But, if you cancel your Planet Fitness membership after the first 12 months of paying for it, then you are free to cancel it. You will not be charged a single dollar as a cancellation fee. 

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness Before Annual Fee?

Yep! If you are scared of being hit with the annual fee, then there is in fact a not-so-secret trick to canceling it early. First, find out the date of your annual fee. All you need to do is planet fitness gym membership at least one week before you get charged the annual fee. If you follow this tip, then you will surely and safely avoid the hefty annual fee that Planet Fitness is known for. 

Planet Fitness membership during COVID?

Unfortunately, a lot of Planet Fitness gyms and clubs are being temporarily shut down due to COVID. Since everyone has to follow social distancing and other safety precautions, the Planet Fitness club that you visit might have been closed too.

If so, then do not worry because your membership will be automatically put on hold.

This means that while your Planet Fitness membership is frozen due to COVID reasons, you will not have to pay any fees. Once the gym reopens, you will be informed about coming back to the club while considering safety regulations such as wearing masks and more. 

Can You Cancel Planet Fitness Over the Phone?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Planet Fitness does not provide you with the option to cancel your membership over the phone. Even though Planet Fitness has risen in popularity over the years, they still stick to its old ways and refuse to allow cancellations via phone.

Likewise, you also cannot cancel your membership online, either through the Planet Fitness website or by email. This leaves you with two, quite inconvenient methods.

You can either cancel in person by visiting a nearby home club, or by mailing a letter to Planet Fitness’s address. But we know that things would be a lot easier for you if you were allowed to end your membership over the phone. 


Planet Fitness has been getting a lot of complaints about its lack of proper equipment, strict rules, and more. So if you are disappointed with your membership, then you can get out of there by canceling your membership.

Lucky for you, this article has summed up the two methods that you can use to cancel your membership, perfectly. If you follow the tips and tricks above, then you will be able to say goodbye to your Planet Fitness membership in no time.

If you do not wish to cancel it completely, we have also shown you how to pause it, upgrade, and downgrade it according to your preferences. Aside from that, we are sure that you found the information about cancellation fees helpful, so you avoid it when you cancel your membership. 

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