How to Use VeePN Chrome Extension

Nowadays, VPN is not something new for users. It has already become popular among bloggers, gamers, and ordinary online visitors. One of the main reasons for being utilized by people is that VPN can grant you access to different websites that can be blocked in your country.

Also, VPN can cope with various important tasks. Users always add a VPN free extension to Chrome and VeePN is one of them for a reason.

Is the VeePN Extension for Chrome Safe?

For example, we can take a resident of China where Google is blocked at all. This means that users who live in China do not have access to Google services.

Still, to get access to these services, all you need to have is a VPN free Chrome extension. VeePN extension for Chrome is highly secure so it is safe to utilize.

This VPN has more than 2500 servers all over more than 50 countries. What makes this VPN reliable is that it utilizes AES 256-encryption type.

How Does VeePN Work on Chrome?

VeePN is selected by users from all over the world. Aside from its high level of security, this VPN is easy to use. It works simply but effectively on your Chrome.

When you connect to the servers of VeePN, you will get a new IP address. This indicates your current location will be hidden and you will have the possibility to enjoy more privacy.

How to Use VeePN Chrome Extension

As we have already mentioned, VeePN is a simple-to-use VPN. Ordinary users should not possess strong IT skills in order to start utilizing this free VPN for Google Chrome and benefit from it.

After you download the VPN Chrome extension, you should press the “Start” button.

Then, from a list of countries, you should choose that “Country” to which you desire to connect the server fast.

Your free VPN for Chrome gets “On”. This means you can start enjoying free of restrictions and unlimited traffic.

Aside from being a VPN for Chrome free of limitations is useful for online visitors, it also provides high speed. With this robust VPN, users get access to all desired but blocked and restricted websites.

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How Do I Download a VeePN?

Before starting to benefit from VeePN, you should download and install it first. This process will not take much effort. Thus, to become of those pleased users who unblock access to restricted websites with beloved content, you should follow the next steps:

Stride 1: Type “VeePN” in the Google search bar and press the “Enter” button.

Stride 2: Find the first link of VeePN for Chrome extension on the first page of Google and go to it.

Stride 3: Press the “add to chrome” button.

Stride 4: An icon with a proposal to add an extension in your Chrome browser will appear.

Stride 5: Press the “Add Extension” button.

Stride 6: If everything is performed properly, an Extension will be considered to be successfully added to the Chrome browser.

Stride 7: An Extension icon will appear on the top right side of the Chrome browser, press this icon.

Stride 8: Press the “Continue” button to perform further steps.

As you can see, the process of downloading and installing a VPN free extension for the Chrome browser does not require much time and effort.

Within several clicks, you receive online data encryption, hidden IP address, access to websites that are restricted geographically, the possibility to block advertisements and malicious content, etc. 

Does VeePN Work on Netflix?

We have already mentioned that using VeePN for a Chrome browser extension implies getting access to all geo-limited websites. This means if Netflix’s streaming service is restricted in your country, you can still enjoy watching your favorite content with the assistance of VeePN.

Aside from getting access to all websites that can be restricted in your country, you will receive other benefits. Some of them are secure connections, no activity logs, free locations, no connection logs, one VPN account for cross-platform applications, etc.


To sum up, we can say that there are many VPNs for different browsers now. To select the most suitable, there is a need to be extremely careful. The reason is that some VPNs can be unsafe for online users.

This does not refer to VeePN for a Chrome browser extension.

This VPN is widespread among users for a reason. Among some of its features, we can highlight automatic setup, safe IP protection, five-star protection, and more than 2500 proxy servers in 50 countries.

Being a free VPN, it is also secure and easy to use. This VPN will surely protect your Privacy.

Every user is granted a great opportunity to enjoy high traffic at the fastest speed. Your location will be hidden so you will not get into a trap of cybercriminals and will not become their victim.

Online visitors select exactly this VPN not only for privacy and security values. But also they easily receive access to blocked and restricted websites.

If you do not know what VPN free extension for Chrome browser to download, VeePN is exactly what you are looking for. With the help of 256-bit Encryption, VeePN is safe for browsing and provides users with the best service.

You will spend a few minutes downloading and installing this VPN. Within a moment you can start making use of VeePN’s benefits and features. Positive testimonials from users regarding this VPN only confirm that it is safe, highly secure, and is worth your consideration and trust.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security, Roku guides, cord-cutting, and more.

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