How to Watch The Chosen on Roku [All Seasons]

Are you wondering about how you can watch all the episodes of The Chosen on Roku? This article is here to answer all your burning questions about this show and how to stream it to have quality entertainment time with your loved ones and yourself.

The Chosen is a fan-favorite Cristian show, which has received heavy positive reviews and won the hearts of its contemporary audience through its smart and insightful story-telling. 

how to watch the chosen

Now, let us get along with the article to know further about the series. 

The Chosen Season 1 on Roku

Unfortunately, there is no specific app or channel available in the Roku Channel Store that broadcasts the episodes of The Chosen. However, it does have an official app for Android and iOS devices that the users can make use of as an alternative.

In order to watch The Chosen Season 1 on your big Roku TV screen, you have to cast the content on the Roku screen from the app on the iOS and Android platforms. 

Step 1: Start by linking your Roku streaming device to the TV by plugging the HDMI cord into the HDMI port of the TV. Also, connect the Roku device to a strong Wi-fi network.

Step 2: Launch the Roku Home Page using the Home button on the Roku remote control.

Step 3: Navigate the pointer to the Settings option on the left side panel and select it.

Step 4: Click on the Systems option next. In the next list of options, select Screen Mirroring and then the Screen Mirroring mode option under that. 

Screen mirroring mode

Step 5: From the list of three available options, tap on Prompt. This enables the system to ask you for permission every time you attempt to cast on your Roku.

screen mirroring

Step 6: Now, grab your Android or iOS device. Do not forget to connect your device to the same Wi-fi network to which your Roku TV is connected. Go to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and search for The Chosen app.

Step 7: Tap on the Install button to download the app onto your device. Launch The Chosen app once it is successfully installed. 

Step 8: Pick the episode of the show you wish to stream and tap on the Cast icon on the upper side of the screen.

Step 9: It would now search for all the devices nearby available for casting and would display the list of those devices, Tap on your Roku device to establish a connection. On the Roku TV screen, a prompt would pop up. Click on Allow.

Step 10: When you are done watching and wish to stop casting, select the Cast icon again.

The Chosen Season 2 on Roku

You can watch the second season of The Chosen from the official website of Angel Studios or from that of BYUtv, or alternatively from VidAngel. Since neither of these is available on Roku directly, you have to screen mirror the content of your choice from either of these websites on Roku to stream it on your big screen.

From PCs

For screen mirroring The Chosen Season 2 from the Angel Studios or BYUtv websites from your PC, you would need to go through the same first 5 steps as needed for the procedure mentioned above required to stream The Chosen Season 1 on Roku. After completing them, carry out the following few simple steps:

Step 1: Switch your PC on. You must connect it to the same Wi-fi connection as the Roku device is connected to be able to establish a connection between the two devices that enables the content to be screen mirrored from the PC onto the Roku TV screen.

Step 2: Next, right-click on your Desktop screen. Pick the Display Settings option from the menu.

connect to wireless display

Step 3: Head over to the Connect to a Wireless Display option by scrolling down a little bit.

Step 4: You would see a sidebar appear on the page. Pick the Roku device from the list.

Step 5: Next, tap on Allow on the prompt popping up on your Roku TV. The PC screen would now be screen mirrored onto your Roku screen.

Step 6: On your PC, open any web browser you like and go to the Angel Studios or BYUtv website.

Step 7: Look for the episode you wish to watch and play the episode. The content would be screen mirrored on your big Roku screen. Don’t forget the most important step. Sit back and enjoy!

Is The Chosen on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

No, The Chosen is unfortunately not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch. However, you can check out “Messiah” on Netflix or “Life Jesus” on Amazon Prime Video roku app that tells similar stories to that of The Chosen.

What streaming service has The Chosen?

You can stream The Chosen Season 1 on Peacock Roku or on YouTube TV as video-on-demand. Alternatively, only its second season is available on the BYUtv website. The Angel Studios website and VidAngel are the only platforms that offer both the seasons of the show. 

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