How to Watch Grit Tv Online on Roku, DirecTV, Firestick, Youtube

The incorporation of Grit TV and Roku is an amazing pass time for anyone aged between 25 to 55. Because of its contents, it is more entertaining for grown-ups than other age groups. 

You will hardly run out of options to watch.  Because this American channel has varied classifications of shows. And all of them streaming under the same channel feels like a blessing. 

So, let us move further and look into how to install and watch ad-free shows on Grit TV on Roku, and other factors related to it. 

Watch Grit Tv Live Online on Roku, DirecTV, Firestick, Youtube

What Does Grit Tv Channel Offer on Roku, DirecTV, Firestick, Youtube, Spectrum, Hulu

Grit TV is highly renowned for its huge library full of cult classic movies, series, and grindhouse. Given below are the categories of shows you can find on the Grit TV channel:

  • Documentary
  • Horror
  • Late Night Grit
  • Drama
  • Russ Meyers
  • Martial Arts
  • It Came From Another Planet
  • Series
  • Sequels
  • Grindhouse Grit
  • Original series
  • Action films
  • Western series
  • Tales of the SS
  • Mysteries 

How Much Does Grit Tv Cost?

You can enjoy the shows on the Grit TV channel only with a subscription plan which costs $1.99. Besides, you should keep in mind certain things. One such factor is signing up for a Grit TV user account before installing the channel. 

How to Add and Watch Grit Tv on Roku

The following are some simple steps that will assist you to add and watch Grit TV on Roku very easily:

Step 1: The first and foremost thing is to activate your Roku device. After turning it on, use your Roku remote to tap on the “Homebutton.

roku home button

Step 2: Go to the Roku menu. From the menu find the “search” option to proceed further.

search grit gold channel

Step 3: After you navigate for the search bar and get it. Try to search type and find ” Grit Gold” further in the search column.

Step 4: A suggestion list will appear on the screen. You will see the Grit Gold logo. Select that logo from the list.

Step 5: Now, to add Grit Gold from the channel store of Roku you have to tap on “+Add channel”.

grit gold channel on roku

Step 6: It will take a few minutes to load the channel on your device. Wait until the Grit Gold channel gets added. 

Step 7: After a while when the channel gets added, proceed further to the ” Go to the channel option”.

Step 8: Provide the correct credentials of your Grit TV user account. You can log in after the details are verified.

Step 9. You have successfully installed and added Grit TV on Roku. Now, after signing in you can enjoy your favorite shows without any interruption. 

Alternative Services Where You Can Watch Grit Tv Online

You can enjoy Grit TV in some alternative services without direct download as well. Some such streaming apps are: 


Did you know that Sling is one of the very early app-based TV services? You stream your favorite on-demand content and shows on the internet with SlingTV. Also, Grit TV is easily accessible from this app. 


You can enjoy Grit TV on another streaming app named Hulu. There are several subscription plans in this app. You can choose the most convenient plan and enjoy your online shows. 

- Nowhere TV on Roku
- Get Channel PEAR on Roku


To sum up, this amazing TV channel has some exclusive shows that you won’t want to miss. You can watch it on Roku after following the simple steps. And also, try any other alternative services.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security, Roku guides, cord-cutting, and more.

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