How to Get Zeus Network Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

You must have come across Zeus Network as this streaming service provider is highly available across all the common devices including Apple TV, iOS/Android, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc. However, a lot of people are confused if the Zeus network offers a free trial or not.  

There is only one way to get the answer to this question, and that’s through this article. And even if it does provide a free trial, people don’t trust the service enough to provide their real credit card information.

And thus, I am going to tell you how you can sign for its subscription using a virtual credit card and if there exists one. 

How to Get Zeus Network Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card?

Does Zeus Network Offer a Free Trial? 

Well, this is quite a tricky question to answer. You might find the answer a tad absurd but the truth is nobody knows for sure if Zeus Network offers a free trial. As there is nothing mentioned about the free trial on the Zeus Network official website, people are a bit skeptical about it. 

According to our research, I would say that Zeus Network is not offering a free trial on its website at the moment. We are not aware of it in the future, however, it is not offering one currently.

I am aware that several users mentioned that the Apple Store states something related to the Zeus Network free trial which indicates that there exists a free Zeus trial.

However, taking a chance by providing your credit card information for the same could be a little risky.  

How long is Zeus Network’s free trial? 

We are not aware if there exists a Zeus Network free trial and thus, we are not sure about the trial period that it offers. Usually, the free trial provided by streaming services lasts for seven days, fourteen days, and even for a month sometimes.

But with Zeus Network, we can’t claim to provide you a specific time frame for which its free trial will last.  

How Can I Get a Zeus Network Free Trial? 

There is only one way to find out if Zeus Network provides a free trial and that is by signing up for the service by providing your payment information.

However, the majority of people wouldn’t want to take that risk as there is a higher probability that your account will be billed with its subscription fees instantly.  

But if you are desperate to try then, you can make use of either a virtual credit card or the credit card generator websites to help you confirm if there is a Zeus free trial.

I am going to provide you with the process of how you can sign up for Zeus Network from its official website directly: 

STEP 1- First of all, head to the Zeus Network webpage directly by clicking here.  

STEP 2- Then, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to choose a plan that you prefer. There are two plans you can either subscribe to Zeus for monthly or yearly.  

STEP 3- Then, you will have to create an account using your email address and a password.  

STEP 4- Now, you will have to provide your payment information i.e., credit card info. We can’t guarantee if you will be billed or not, so take the risk carefully and after considering this fact. (here you can enter the Virtual credit card details)

STEP 5- Lastly, tap on the ‘Start Subscription’ button to start streaming.  

How Much Does a Subscription to Zeus Network Cost after a free trial? 

Now, let us discuss the plans and their prices offered by Zeus Network. There is only one basic plan offered by Zeus with two different payment options. Users can either pay for Zeus Network subscription monthly or they can opt to pay for the same annually.  

Zeus Network will cost you $4.99/month which is quite cheap when compared to other competitor services like Hulu and Netflix. And it will be priced at $49.99 for an annual subscription.

However, you must remember that Zeus Network auto-renews its subscription as soon as the free trial ends.

So, always set a reminder to cancel your subscriptions or free trial on time to avoid getting billed further.        

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