How to Watch Cozi TV on Roku [3 Possible ways]

Cozi TV is one of the finest free-to-air TV networks. This channel was previously known as NBC Nonstop. You can watch Cozi TV on Roku as well. However, that would require some suggestive procedure. 

Cozi TV is owned by the NBC Television stations division of NBCUniversal. You can access a huge library of classic shows from here. Most of the series available on this channel are from the 1960s to 2000s, and all for free.

So, if you are interested in classical series, this channel is for you. And with Roku, Cozi TV can be even more engaging.

Now, you must be wondering how to access this channel on Roku. The following article will show you the possible ways to watch Cozi TV on Roku.

cozi tv on roku

Is Cozi tv available on Roku?

Roku is a very renowned streaming device. It has an easy user interface. You can install several paid and free, on-demand, and Live channels on it. 

However, Cozi TV has no stand-alone availability on any streaming device. Hence, the screen mirroring won’t even help you to watch it. 

But you don’t have to worry about it. There are several streaming services available, which can help you to watch Cozi TV on Roku.

Streaming Services to Watch Cozi TV on Roku

The below-mentioned streaming services will help you to watch Cozi TV on Roku. 

YouTube TV


YouTube TV is a renowned streaming service. This service comes with more than 85 channels. You can avail of Cozi TV from here as well. Other than that, you can also watch the news, sports, movies, series, etc. There is a subscription plan of $64.99/month available. Also, you can get an add-on to watch other exclusive live content. 



Another well-known on-demand streaming service is fubo TV. You can access Cozi TV from this service as well. Besides, you can also watch more than 160 channels, depending on your geography. fuboTV comes with a number of subscription plans. The basic subscription is $5.99/month.  And you can stream this channel up to two devices simultaneously. You can also get an add-on as per your requirement. The family plan comes for $ 64.99/ month. At the same time, the Elite plan comes for $79.99/month. You can buy any plan of your choice and enjoy popular shows like The Simpsons, The walking dead, Keeping up with Kardashians, etc. 


TVision is a live streaming service. You can watch Cozi TV on Roku with TVision as well. This streaming service has over 85 channels available. TVision has a subscription of $50/month. This is very affordable, and you can also stream on 3 devices simultaneously with a single plan. 

Hulu + Live TV


Hulu+Live TV also lets you watch Cozi TV. This famous Live TV and VOD streaming service have a plethora of channels. The subscription plans are comparably higher than the rest. But it is worth it because you stream Live and VOD anytime you want to. If you buy a subscription plan with ads, it will cost $64.99. A subscription without ads will cost $70.99/month. 

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