How to Get DirecTV App on Roku

DirecTV (previously called AT&T TV) is a live streaming platform that streams Live TV and on-demand content. DirecTV subscribers can stream media content directly on the TV using the cable TV subscription at no extra cost.

However, to watch DirecTV on Roku, you need to download the channel from Roku Channel Store and launch it to watch the content on a bigger screen.

add and stream DirecTV on Roku

In this article, we will cover the process of adding and streaming DirecTV on Roku.

How to Add and Watch DirecTV on Roku

Once you purchase the DirecTV subscription plan, you can access it on your TV. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Access the main menu by pressing the home button.

2. Select the Search option.

Search on roku

3. Type DIRECTV with the keyboard.

4. Choose the “Add Channel” option and add DIRECTV from the Roku channel store.

Read our guide about adding a channel to roku and removing a channel from roku

5. Wait till the roku DirecTV app gets added.

6. Next, click on Go to Channel.

7. Sign in to your account with your DirecTV username and password.

8. And it’s done! You can now choose and play your favorite content on your TV.

play your favorite content on your roku TV.

Stream DirecTV on Roku via Screen Mirroring

If you are an Android or iOS user, you can use DirecTV on Roku by screen mirroring it on roku device. 

For Smartphone:

The DirecTV app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can download it from there and follow the steps below to get it started:

  1. Install the app from PlayStore or Apple App Store.
  2. Go to the notification panel and select the screencast option.
  3. Find your Roku device from the options listed and select it.
  4. Your screen is now mirrored.
  5. Next, Launch the DirecTV app.
  6. Log into your account by entering the username and password.
  7. You can now play any video of your choice and view it on your Roku device.

For PC:

You can watch DirecTV through your PC as well. The process for doing that is as follows:

  1. Go to your browser and visit this link (
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Then press Window + P on the keyboard.
  4. Select the “Connect to a Wireless Display” option in the project tab.
  5. Now find and select your Roku streaming device.
  6. That’s it! You can now play and watch videos on your Roku streaming device.

By now, you might have understood how to watch DirecTV on Roku. Try it, and share your experience below!

Which Roku Devices Are Compatible with DirecTV?

While you can watch DirecTV on Roku, you should be aware that not all Roku devices can do that. Check out the list below and determine whether your Roku streaming device can stream DirecTV.

  • Roku Streaming Stick – (3500X, 3600X, 3800X), Roku Streaming Stick+ – 3810X, 3811X
  • Roku Express – 3700X, 3900X, 3930X, Express+ – 3710X, 3910X, 3931X
  • Roku Premiere – 3920X, 4620X, Premiere+ – 3921X, 4630X
  • Roku Ultra – 4640X, 4660X, 4661X, 4670X
  • Roku LT – 2700X
  • Roku 1 SE – 2710X
  • Roku 2 – 2720X, 4210X
  • Roku 3 – 4200X, 4230X
  • Roku 4 – 4400X
  • Non-4K Roku TV – 5000X, 8000X
  • 4K Roku TV – 6000X, 7000X, A000X, C000X, C000GB
  • Roku Smart Soundbar – 9100X

Note: In case if you face any problem like content not loading or screen freezing, that may due to cache on your Roku player. Read our guide on how to clear app cache on roku.

What If My Roku Isn’t Compatible with DirecTV?

If your Roku isn’t compatible with DirecTV, you can still enjoy your favorite shows and movies. You need an Android or iOS device, which you can use to screen mirror DirecTV to your Roku device.

Subscription Plans of DirecTV

DirecTV offers four different subscription plans, all of which can be canceled at any time with no additional cancellation fees. Here are the plans you can choose:

Entertainment$64.9965+ channels
Choice$84.9990+ channels, HBO Max 1 year, NBA League Pass 
Ultimate$94.999130+ channels, HBO Max 1 year, NBA League Pass
Premier$139.99140+ channels, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, NBA League Pass 
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    • Correct!! Not sure how this can be resolved. Directv claims it’s probably the “tv” doesn’t support their app but I don’t think it’s the case. My other doesn’t have the ATT&T Directv app.

  1. What happened to just Directv- not Directv Stream? Our Directv is not connected to AT&T, we have had the same account before ATT purchased Directv and is paid directly to Directv.

    • Same here. For some reason I have had DirecTV for 20 years. What I found out is that AT&T owns DirecTV and wants to get out of satellite altogether. They are going with streaming. DirecTV stream. AT&T TV doesn’t really even exist. All satellite customers will be migrated to DirecTV Stream. It’s already happening. To expedite the process you will start losing channels with DirecTV. I now keep having random service issues with various channels like FOX. I missed the entire first game of the World Series due to “Service Issues”. Hope this helps.

  2. Spent several hours today with directv trying to get an account so I could watch a food network on my smart tv they never could figure it out I hung up after awhile


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