How to Stream Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku

Everybody Loves Raymond is a popular family-entertainment American show about a family that moves to a new town and ends up putting everyone in trouble. The TV series was aired on CBS Network in the late 1990s and streamed 210 episodes across nine seasons.

However, the good news is that you can now view everybody Loves Raymond on your TV without a cable TV subscription for free! Yeah, you heard that right!

You can stream Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku. But the catch is that you will have to watch it through the streaming services like Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, etc. So, you need a subscription to these services to stream the show. Nonetheless, below we have compiled various ways to watch Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku. Check them out!

how to watch everybody loves raymond on roku

The Plot of Everybody Loves Raymond

So, what is Everybody Loves Raymond about?

The show unfolds the story of Raymond Barone and his wife Debra, who live on a Long Island. Raymond is a funny guy, a sportswriter, and a family man. The couple has a daughter and two twin sons. Ray loves his family, but his family runs him crazy with their deeds. Everybody Loves Raymond is all about the family’s lifestyle, their arguments, and hilarious moments.

How to Stream Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku?

Everybody Loves Raymond is available in several languages. On Roku, the show is streamed by popular streaming platforms along with their subscription packages.


Peacock TV is a popular streaming service by NBCUniversal. It broadcasts movies, TV shows, kid’s content, comedy shows, and much more. With Peacock on Roku, you can access all episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond on your TV.

The ad-free plan of Peacock comes at a monthly cost of $4.99, and the monthly cost of the ad-free premium plan is $9.99.

In addition to these, you get access to Peacock originals and top programs from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Prime Video

With a subscriber base of over 17 million users worldwide, Amazon Prime Video is by far one of the best streaming platforms. The channel hosts several originals, blockbuster movies, non-fictional shows, TV shows, sports, news, and much more.

Amazon Prime Video on Roku streams all episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond with English subtitles. It offers two subscription packages: $14.99 for the entire season and $1.99 per episode. You can choose either of the plans to stream Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku TV.

Besides, you can watch all its content anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device, PC, or tablet with the Amazon Video subscription.


Another method to watch Everybody Loves Raymond on Roku is using the Vudu streaming channel. Unlike other streaming services, Vudu doesn’t have subscription plans. Instead, it lets you purchase specific shows.

The cost to watch all seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond using Vudu is $79.99. Alternatively, you can watch a single season at $14.99, or a single episode plan at $1.99. Here, you only need to pay for what you want to watch! If you only want to watch particular shows, then Vudu is worth considering.

Wrapping Up

If you seek light-hearted, family drama, Everybody Loves Raymond is a worth watching show. You can choose to stream it on Roku using any of the subscription-based channels mentioned in this guide. The channel is also available in different versions like Roman. Alternatively, you can also stream it using the TBS TV channel on your Roku devices.

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