How to Install Filmplus on Firestick

This article will explain how to install FilmPlus on FireStick to enhance your streaming experience with Hd quality. Filmplus offers you a vast and diverse collection of content to enjoy, including thousands plus movies and shows on a single platform.

These instructions apply to more Amazon devices like Fire TV Cube, 4K Max, FireStick 4K & Fire TV 2nd Generation.

Is Filmplus on Firestick?

You cannot install filmplus directly on your firestick device. But, there are indirect methods to use this free streaming app through other official applications of the Amazon app store.

How to Install Filmplus on Firestick

Being a third party app, Filmplus is unavailable on the Amazon app store. Therefore, we will use two popular sideloading applications – Downloader and Es file explorer.

Sideload Filmplus Apk on Firestick Using Downloader

The procedure is a bit long but easy to follow. We have split the whole method into three parts.

1. Install the Downloader app on your firestick.

2. Enable the “Install unknown apps” setting on firestick

3. Download the FilmPlus APK file and app on your firestick using the Downloader app.

  • Select the “Your Apps & Channels” tile on the home screen with squares and a plus sign.
  • Select “Downloader” to open it. You will land on its home screen.
  • Select the “Enter a URL” field. Use your remote to type the APK file URL. This link points to an external file that will download the Apk file of the Filmplus app on firestick.
  • Select “Go.”
  • Wait till the apk file downloads.
  • An installation message will display on the screen. Select “Install.” Wait for a few seconds.
  • After the app gets installed, you will get a confirmation message on the screen. You can Select “open” to launch Filmplus app. If not, Select “DONE” to return.
  • We will get rid of the Apk file. For that, Select “Delete.”  You don’t require this file after installing FilmPlus; deleting it free some space on your FireStick.
  • Select “Delete” again to provide your final confirmation.
  • Now, you have installed the filmplus app. You can start streaming free movies.

Sideload Filmplus on Firestick Using Es File Explorer

It’s a file manager app that also functions as a sideloading tool to install third party apps from unknown sources. You can access its Sideloading feature by purchasing the premium plan at $9.99 monthly. Rest, The process is the same. 

1. Install the Es file Explorer app on your firestick.

2. Enable the “Install unknown apps” setting on firestick.

3. Download the FilmPlus APK file and app on your firestick using Es file explorer.

To install filmplus apk here, you must activate the subscription plan.

  • Return to the home screen.
  • Long-press the home button until the menu appears. Then, Select “Apps.”
  • Select “App Library.”
  • Select “ES File Explorer” to open it.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to provide the required approvals.
  • Next, you will activate the free trial. The premium service plan will appear.
  • Select “Free Trial.”
  • Complete the on-screen steps to initiate your free trial period.
  • You can access the main home window.
  • Select “Downloader” from the bottom end and then the “New” icon.
  • The “Download” pop-up window will appear with two text fields – path and name.
  • You can type anything in the “name” field.
  • Select “path” and type the APK file URL. It points towards the Filmplus apk file.
  • Click “Download Now.”
  • After the Apk file finishes downloading, Select “Open file.”
  • Now Select “Install.”
  • After the “App installed” message, you can select anyone – Open or Done.

How to Use Filmplus on Firestick

For streaming content of filmplus on firestick, you don’t need to buy any plan. It’s available for free use. Follow the below steps to use the Filmplus app.

  • Launch the app.
  • Select “Allow” to provide all the required permissions.
  • You can proceed without creating any account.
  • The filmplus app opens by default with TV shows.
  • To open the app’s main menu, select the “hamburger” icon ( menu button) in the top-left corner of the screen. It contains many tabs such as TV Shows, Movies, Tv calendars, Favorites, Downloads, & Settings. Browse through them.
  • You will find the “search or magnifying glass icon” on the top-right side. Use this to search for any specific movie or show. Select this icon and use the remote and on-screen keyboard to type.
  • You can select anything in the “TV Shows” and “Movies” sections. The “Favorites” tab contains the content you save in the app.
  • The “Settings tab” includes the following options to enhance and customize your experience – subtitles, default media player, All Debrid, integrate Real-Debrid, etc.
  • In the “discover” tab, you will explore different collections of shows and movies categorized into Popular, Top rated, and Trending sections.

Wrap Up

This guide described the two methods to install FilmPlus on FireStick. These methods apply to Android devices like Google TV, NVIDIA Shield & MECOOL box. If you choose the downloader app, you don’t need to pay subscription charges. You can enjoy Filmplus’s free streaming content anywhere.

Mark Roberts is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in San Diego, specializing in internet security, Roku guides, cord-cutting, and more.

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