How to Cancel Your Roku Subscriptions in 2 Different Ways

Last Updated on October 12, 2021 by Mark Roberts

There are many channels on your Roku device which require a subscription for you to view them. So, if you wish to purchase those, you will have to save your debit or credit card details on your Roku account. Roku then deducts the money itself from your account monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Sometimes, you may wish to cancel your subscription as you might not be watching the channel anymore or for other reasons. This article will tell you how you can cancel your subscription to any Roku channel in 2 different ways.

How do I view my subscriptions on Roku?

You can view the list of all the subscribed channels either using your remote control or using Roku’s official website. The steps to see the same using your controller are:

1. Press the ‘star or *’ button on your remote. It will open the options menu.

2. You will then see an option for Partner’s subscription channels. Press the ‘Manage subscriptions’ alternative in front of your TV screen.

3. Now, you will be able to see a whole list of channels you have subscribed to on your Roku account from all time.

The procedure to view the list using Roku’s website is:

  1. Open the website, i.e.,
  2. Sign in to your Roku account using your existing user id and password.
  3. Click on the ‘My account’ option. You will then see an alternative of ‘Manage subscriptions’ clicking on, which will show you the whole list of your subscribed channels.

How to cancel a Roku subscription on your Roku device?

There are two ways in which you can cancel your subscription using your Roku player. It includes:

A) Canceling your subscription by navigating through the channels:

1. Press the home button on your remote control.

2. Then, surf the channel whose subscription you wish to cancel. 

3. Go to that channel and press the ‘star’ button on your remote. It will open up the options menu.

4. Select the ‘Manage subscriptions’ choice from that.

5. Now, there will be a list of options in front of you. Go to cancel your subscription.

6. After pressing on the alternative of canceling the subscription, Roku will ask you whether your decision is confirmed or not. Press ‘OK’ from your controller if it is approved. If you change your mind and do not wish to unsubscribe from any specific channel, there will also be an option of ‘Keep subscription, exit’ on your TV screen.

7. If you pressed the confirm button, then that is it. Your subscription is canceled now.

B) Cancelling your subscription from Roku’s channel store.

1. You can unsubscribe to certain channels by going to the channel store of Roku. To do that, you will have to:

2. Start by pressing the home button on your remote.

3. Select the ‘streaming channels’ option, which you will be able to see on your TV screen.

4. All the apps available on your Roku device, free, subscribed, and unsubscribed by you, will be there in the store.

5. Go to the channel that you want to unsubscribe from the store.

6. There, you will see an option of ‘Manage subscriptions.’

7. Click on that and choose cancel subscription and confirm it.

How to cancel a Roku subscription from the Roku website?

Follow the steps mentioned below if you wish to unsubscribe your paid channels using Roku’s website.

1. Go to the official website of Roku, i.e.,

2. Sign in to your account using your user id and password.

3. On the top right of your TV screen, you will see an option of ‘My Account.

4. Press on that and then go to the alternative of ‘Manage subscriptions.’

Manage subscriptions

5. There, you will see a complete list of all your subscribed channels.

subscribed channels

6. Select the channel to which you wish to unsubscribe. You will see an option of ‘cancel subscription’ next to it. Press on that, and your work will be done.

‘cancel subscription
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Do I get a refund after canceling the Roku subscription?

No, all the channels to which you have subscribed using your Roku account are prepaid. They are non-refundable as well. So, when you cancel your subscription to any channel, there will not be any further deduction of money from your account. But, the money which you have already paid for viewing that content will not be refunded to you.

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