How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku Device

Last Updated on May 18, 2022 by Mark Roberts

Roku offers thousands of channels for you to enjoy watching all sorts of content. To watch the programs offered by a Roku Channel, you need to install the channel and sign up for the channel.

Likewise, if you want to stop using Netflix on Roku or want to switch profiles, you may want to log out of the app.

While most channels offer a direct log-out option, some channels like Netflix have a slightly different process for logging out. That’s why new Roku users often find it difficult to log out of their Netflix account on Roku.

Sign Out Of Netflix On Roku

However, this guide shares the easiest methods to log out of your Netflix on any Roku device.

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku 4, 3, Express, Ultra, and Roku TV

If you own any of the new Roku devices like Roku 4, 3, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, or Roku TV, you can easily sign out of Netflix using the following method.

Step 1: Launch Netflix on Roku TV.

Step 2: Open the Netflix Settings menu by clicking the gear icon.

Step 3: Click Sign Out.

sign Out Of Netflix On Roku

Step 4: Click Yes on the confirmation message that appears on the screen. You will now get signed out of your Netflix.

Alternative method: When you are inside the Netflix channel, press:

  • The up button – two times
  • The down button – two times
  • The left button – one time
  • The right button – one time
  • The left button – one time
  • The right button – one time
  • The up button – four times

Then choose Deactivate, Sign out, Reset, or Start Over. 

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku 2

You need to remove the Netflix channel to sign out from your account on second-generation older roku devices like Roku 2 (HD, XD, XS) and Roku LT.

You cannot find the direct sign-out option like newer Roku models on these devices.

Step 1: From the Roku home screen, navigate to the Netflix app and highlight it.

Step 2: Press the star button (*) on the Roku remote.

Step 3: Choose Remove Channel.

Step 4: Confirm the deletion by clicking on Remove Channel once more.

This process will sign out Netflix app on your Roku; If you want to sign in with the same account or use another account, you will have to reinstall Netflix from the Roku Channel Store.

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku 1

On Roku 1 device, you need to deactivate the Roku device connected to your Netflix account to sign out of Netflix.

Step 1: Go to the Roku Settings menu from the Roku Home screen.

Step 2: Select Netflix Settings.

Step 3: Click Deactivate this player from my Netflix Account.

Step 4: Tap on the Yes button. Your device will now be deactivated.

If you want to reactivate the Roku TV, select Netflix and follow the instructions on your screen.

How Do I Change My Netflix Account On Roku?

You cannot directly change the Netflix account connected to your roku account. You will have to remove the Netflix channel and then sign in with another channel.

Step 1: Highlight the Netflix channel from the Roku channel list.

Step 2: Press the Star button on the Roku remote.

Step 3: Select Remove Channel.

Step 4: Go to the Roku Channel Store by clicking Streaming Channels on the Roku home page menu.

Step 5: Search for Netflix using the search box and select the app from the results.

Step 6: Click Add Channel.

Step 7: Launch the app after it is installed.

Step 8: You can now log in with your new Netflix account.

Here are some steps you can follow if Netflix Not Working on Your Roku? 


Regardless of the Roku device you have, you can easily sign out of Netflix account using the techniques given in this article. If you perform all the steps correctly, you will be able to sign out of Netflix on Roku smoothly.

After signing out of your account, if you want to watch Netflix, you need to sign in with the same account or a different NetFlix account by providing the login information. So, make sure you have your account details handy!

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