How to Add and Activate Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku

Do you want to catch up with the latest motor trends? You shouldn’t miss out on adding the Motor Trend OnDemand Roku channel on your Roku device!

Motor Trend OnDemand is a famous American channel streaming motorsport and automotive videos. The channel has out-of-the-world content of over 800 hours for motorsports lovers in the form of originals, live TV events, and series.

What’s more? Motor Trend OnDemand streams all its content with a single subscription of $4.99 per month. So, you have to install the Motor Trend OnDemand channel on your Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, or Apple TV and enjoy its programs. In this guide, we have shared the technique to add and activate Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku.

What’s on Motor Trend OnDemand?

Motor Trend OnDemand broadcasts a wide range of premier motorsport content. From Motor Trend’s original shows, top gear episodes to documentaries, Motor Trend has it all.

Some popular shows on this Roku channel include All Girls Garage, Garage Rehab, Wheelers Dealers, Hot Rod Garage, Epic Drives, and Auto Mundial. Apart from these, Motor Trend OnDemand also streams behind-the-scenes of several live events.

Motor Trend OnDemand streams content (live games and entertainment shows) from several countries, including North America, Australia, Germany, UK, etc. So, you will never run out of options to watch on your Roku.

motor trend on demand roku

How to Add Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku?

Roku offers Motor Trend OnDemand as a dedicated channel under its sports category. Here are the steps to install Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku.

Step 1: From your Roku home screen, navigate to Streaming Channels.

Streaming Channels

Step 2: Choose Search Channel from the menu.

search channel

Step 3: In the search box, type Motor Trend.

Step 4: Select the Motor Trend channel from the results.

motor trend on demand roku

Step 5: Select Add Channel.

Step 6: Wait until the channel installs on your Roku device and click OK on the popup screen.

How to Activate Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku?

After installing Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku, you will have to activate the channel.

Step 1: Launch the Motor Trend OnDemand channel on your Roku streaming device.

Step 2: Click on Sign In.

Step 3: Select the computer/ mobile option from your screen.

Step 4: Note down the activation code that appears on your TV screen.

Step 5: Open a web browser on your mobile device, PC, or laptop.

Step 6: Go to

Step 7: Type the activation code in the box.

Step 8: Click on Apply, and your account will get activated. You can then browse through the contents and stream your favorite motorsport programs.

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Wrapping Up

There can’t be a better option for those who love watching automotive shows than the Motor Trend OnDemand channel on Roku. The channel is also compatible with several devices like mobiles and tablets. So, you can enjoy its shows anywhere, anytime. That said, for Roku devices, you can follow the process described above and watch Motor Trend OnDemand videos on your Roku TV.

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