How to Get MSG Go on Firestick

This article will instruct you on How to Get MSG Go on Firestick using two detailed methods. Msg go is among the most popular sports channels for new-York people to access live and on-demand sports content from anywhere.

Keep reading if you don’t know how to stream msg on Firestick.

Is MSG Go on Firestick?

You cannot directly install MSG Go on Firestick as it doesn’t support its app. But indirect ways involve using other Amazon app store applications such as Downloader and Es file explorer to get MSG Go on Firestick.

After installing the MSG Go on Firestick with these apps; you will have to enter the Msg Cable TV credentials received from your cable tv provider. Then only you watch msg go content.

How to Get Msg Go on Firestick

You require Downloader and ES file explorer app to install msg go, which is not present on the Amazon app store. These sideloading applications contain an in-built browser to install files from different websites.

They install third-party apps apk files on Firestick. You can install MSG Go from its downloaded apk file.

You need to configure specific firestick settings when you install any app from any source other than the Amazon app store.

This is done to get permission from Amazon to sideload unknown source apps on firestick devices.

Sideload Msg Go on Firestick Using Downloader

You can access the downloader app sideloading feature for free. Let’s understand the process in three parts.

1. Install the Downloader app from the Amazon app store.

2. Configure Firestick settings to install unknown source apps.

The default setting of Firestick doesn’t allow the installation of third-party apps due to security measures. To download msg go to Firestick via the downloader app; we have to configure some settings.

3. Steps to install Msg go on Firestick via the downloader app.

Before installing apk file of msg go, we will “enable JavaScript” so you can download any website without facing technical errors.

  • If opening this app for the first time, select “Allow” to provide the necessary permissions.
  • Select “OK on the Quick Start Guide pop-up.
  • From the left menu options, Select “Settings.”
  • You will see an option “Enable JavaScript.” Check the box against this option.
  • Select “yes” on the JavaScript warning message.
  • Select the “Home” option from the left menu.
  • You will see an empty URL field. Use the remote to select this field.
  • Enter the URL of the msg go apk file –
  • Select the “Go” button.
  • Wait for some seconds till this apk file downloads.
  • Select the Install button to add the msg go app on your Firestick.
  • When it’s installed, you get two choices:
  • Done
  • Open
  • Select “Open” to launch the msg go app. For now, select “Done,” as we will delete the apk file first.
  • Highlight & Select “Delete” button. Apk files are of no benefit after the app installs. Remove them to free up storage space.

Sideload Msg Go on Firestick Using Es File Explorer

Sideloading feature is not available to access for free using ES File Explorer. You must buy its premium subscription at $9.99 per month. If you don’t want to buy it, stick with the downloader app for sideloading Msg go app.

1. Install the Es file explorer app from the Amazon app store.

2. Configure Firestick settings to install unknown source apps.

3. Steps to install Msg go on Firestick via the Es explorer app.

  1. Open the app
  2. When you have opened it the first time, some pop-ups appear on the screen.
  3. Select “Agree” and then “Allow.”
  4. You must buy this subscription-based app.
  5. Select the “Free Trial.”
  6. Accept the on-screen instructions to begin your free trial.
  7. Select the “Downloader” option from the bottom.
  8. You will notice a “New” icon at the end of the screen. Select it.
  9. Select “Path.” Enter here the following URL of the Apk file link – Don’t forget to include HTTPS://.
  10. Select the “Name field” to type any name. Select the “Download Now” button.
  11. First, the msg go apk file will download. After this, Select “Open file.”
  12. Now, Select “Install.”
  13. ES File Explorer sets a way for you to download msg. Select “Install.
  14. Wait till you see the “App installed” message on the screen.
  15. You can either click “Done” or “open” to stream msg go.

Alternative Method – Screen Mirror Msg Go on Firestick

You can watch msg go on an Android smartphone as it’s accessible from the google play store.

We will describe the screen mirroring method from android phones to Firestick through the following steps.

  1. Hold your fire tv remote and press the home button until you see the “Mirroring tab” on the screen. Select it.
  2. Connect your Android Smartphone and fire tv with the same internet network.
  3. Pick up your Android smartphone. Head to the google play store. Install the MSG Go app.
  4. Open the app and Sign-in.
  5. Open the Notification Section.
  6. Select “Cast” and then your Firestick device.
  7. Your firestick device is read to screen mirror the msg go app. Select and watch any sports events.

Wrap Up

We have explained the widely used ways on Firestick to install the msg go app. You can select any one or screencast from your android smartphone.

You can access other streaming services, which include MSG Network in their subscription plan. Don’t miss adding msg go on your Firestick if you’re a big sports freak.

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