Roku Not Connecting To Wifi/ Internet – How To Fix This Issue?

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One thing is a must for your Roku devices and Roku-equipped TVs to continue to stream content seamlessly, and that is – High-quality internet.

You often count on your Roku streaming device to brighten up your day by streaming your favorite media programs. And there you find a problem saying your Roku not connecting to wifi. Now, you have to let go of your plan to watch entertainment content for hours!

How will you cope up with this situation? Will you buy a new Roku model or fix it yourself? Of course, you’ll go with the second option.

Yes! You can fix your Roku internet connection problems by yourself.

Roku users may frequently face the Roku losing internet connection issue since they might have been using their Roku for longer periods. But that’s not the only reason. Several other reasons would result in a Roku TV not connecting to the internet problem. And this article will guide you to the most possible causes of internet connection-related problems with their solutions.

How To Troubleshoot Your Roku If It’s Not Connecting To The Internet?

If your Roku keeps disconnecting from wifi, you can easily fix it at home. But before diving into the cure, let’s find out the causes that stop your Roku TV from connecting to wifi.

Reasons that interrupt or do not let Roku connect to the internet

The connection problem may be due to a couple of reasons, but the main culprits often come from the router and wifi signal strength. Besides, the cache memory may also cause this internet-related issue. Below are some common reasons that result in poor internet connectivity.

  • Slow internet – One of the most frequent problems that hinder the connectivity between Roku and its server is a slow internet connection. For streaming seamless content, you need an internet service that is fast as well as stable.
  • Loose cables – A loose cable connection can also result in an internet failure. So, ensure that the cables are connecting properly.
  • Router outage – Due to router or power outage, the internet services may be temporarily interrupted.
  • DNS Cache – The routers cache the DNS configurations to connect with the internet. In some cases, these DNS configurations may be corrupted. Because of this issue, some DNS servers are unable to connect, causing an interruption in the connection process.
  • Device configurations – Sometimes, internal problems may be present in the device that cause hindrance of proper connection to the servers. A bug may cause these internal problems in the system software in some cases. Due to this, the system software gets corrupted over time, which causes some of its functions to restrict.
  • Malfunctioning – A malfunctioned Roku device may also be the reason for poor connectivity or other internet connectivity issues. Another reason may be your roku device overheating.

If your Roku TV won’t connect to internet due to the above reasons, you can troubleshoot your Roku device within minutes. Besides, it is worth understanding that when you face Roku internet connection problems, it might not necessarily be in the Roku itself. But it can be with other devices in your home, or the connection settings, or with the router.

So, let’s see how to fix Roku TV not connecting to the wifi problem in detail.

Fix 1: Checking Physical Hardware 

The foremost thing before initiating the troubleshooting is to go through an inspection of the hardware. Check if your router and Roku devices are working perfectly. And if you are using an outdated Roku or router, you might want to replace it to fix the internet issues.

Fix 2: Make Sure All Cables are Properly Connected

As mentioned earlier, loose cables can result in poor internet connection or internet failure. So, check the cables connected to your Roku TV and router and ensure they are connected appropriately. You can also disconnect and reconnect the cables if needed.

Fix 3: Do an Internet Speed Test

The next step to verify your internet connection is by running an internet speed test. You can check the internet speed from your Roku device settings page using the following method.

Step 1: Go to your Roku’s Settings page.

Step 2: Navigate to Network.

Step 3: Select Check Connection. This option will check your wifi speed and display the result as fair, poor, or good on the Roku device screen.

If the internet speed seems good, try playing the media again. However, if it is poor, turn off the internet connection of additional devices. This will give more bandwidth to the Roku to improve signal strength and speed from your router.

Alternatively, you can also bring Roku closer to the router. This will enhance the health of the connection.

Fix 4: Restart your Roku

Restarting the Roku device is the solution to most Roku problems. Likewise, to fix internet issues on Roku, you can restart the device, as stated below:

Step 1: Navigate to Roku settings from the home screen menu.

Step 2: Click System.

Step 3: Select System Restart.

Wait till your Roku device restarts, then try playing any video on your Roku. You can also try updating your roku device or turn off roku and then again turn it on.

Fix 5: Connect an Ethernet Cable to your Roku

An all-time working trick to fix a slow Roku internet connection is using an ethernet cable. This will create the most strong connection. All you need is to plug in an ethernet cable and connect it to a compatible Roku player. This will provide direct internet connectivity to your Roku. Hence, no issues like wifi not connecting to Roku will occur.

Fix 6: Check Network Name (SSID)

A wifi connection issue can be faced by people when they select the wrong wifi name. Therefore, while entering the wifi SSID credentials, you have to be very careful. To prevent any problem regarding this, take notes because the paraphrase alphabets are commonly case-sensitive.

Fix 7: Check HDMI Cables

Once you’re gaining the value of a Roku device, it’s necessary to ensure that all the cables are installed in place because inaccurate plugging or disconnected cables can be a good reason behind a local network issue that can impair the connectivity further.

Hence, one head of the HDMI cable needs to be connected to the TV and the other to the Roku device. Recheck this connection and fix it if it is loose or connected inappropriately.


Why is my network name (SSID) missing from the list of wifi networks?

Sometimes, the router may be hitting its SSID, making it invisible. As a result, you won’t be able to find your network name (SSID) on the list. In order to solve this problem, you need to click on the Add Network to configure your network name manually. Also, place your Roku device in the range of the wifi router. This issue may also occur if you are using an older Roku device. In that case, you will have to replace your Roku.

Is there a way to connect the Roku to wifi without the remote?

Absolutely. You can always connect your Roku to wifi without a remote. However, for that, you will have to use your smartphone. You will first have to install the Roku mobile app on the device. Then sign in to your Roku account and use the Roku remote to control your Roku device.

Keep in mind; you will have to connect your Roku and mobile device to the same internet to use the remote.

What does it mean when it says connected to your local network but unable to connect to the internet?

Sometimes the Roku will connect to wifi, but the internet won’t work due to technical failure. In that case, you need to click on Forget Network. Next, you can try putting the name and password again and tap connect. This way, your Roku will get back online.


In this article, we have shown all the possible reasons that generate the Roku TV won’t connect to wifi problems. We have also gone through all the best solutions to resolve this problem.

Carefully reading and following these outlined guidelines and ways will certainly help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. However, finding the problem before treating it is a recommended method!

Still, if nothing out of this article could solve the problem, you might need to consider contacting Roku support. They will check the warranty and hopefully replace the device altogether.

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