How to Get Showtime Free Trial

Showtime has been one of the oldest US streaming service providers owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, popular for shows like Homeland, The Affair, and Shameless. 

It is home to several original TV shows like Ziwe and the L Word: Generation Q, Couples Therapy, Billions, Live TV shows, and tv series such as Homeland Ray Donovan, and much more. Users can even download their favorite shows and episodes to watch offline. 

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can get a Showtime free trial. Most users look for trials as it allows them to experience the platform.  

What are Showtime’s current deals?  

You can get Showtime free trial in more than one way, either you can get a trial from its official website directly or you can add on Showtime with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, AT&T TV, Sling, FuboTV, Apple TV, and Roku.  

Showtime is currently offering its new users a 30-day offer on its official website and as an add-on with other streaming service providers, you can currently avail of Showtime’s trial for a week.  

How long is Showtime’s free trial?  

Showtime’s trial lasts for 30-days which means new users can stream on Showtime for free for an entire month. You will not have to pay anything and will get the opportunity to experience Showtime and stream all of your favourite shows, movies, boxing, live TV shows, and much more.   

There is no cable needed for streaming on Showtime, it’s an Internet-based TV service and the best part of all is you can watch ad-free. You will also be able to download the content and watch it offline for 30-days.   

How to sign up for Showtime’s free trial  

Now, let’s see how you can get Showtime free trial from its website directly using your login credentials, i.e, email address and password. It’s quite a simple process so, just follow the steps given below:  

  • Head to Showtime’s official website or simply click here.  
  • Then, you have to click on the ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button that is in red displayed on the website.   
  • You will have to create a new account on Showtime, you will need an email address and a password.   
  • Then, you will be asked to enter your payment details after entering email address and password. However, you will not be charged anything until your trial ends so, don’t worry.  
  • And that’s it, confirm the details and there you go, enjoy the trial for 30-days and you can cancel anytime.   

Does Showtime have a 30 days Free Trial?  

Yes, Showtime is currently offering users a 30-day free trial and users can avail of the offer from Showtime’s streaming website directly. We have already mentioned the process of getting an offer in the above question. 

Also, you can get a month’s free trial with Roku TV as well if you have never registered with Showtime before. In 30-day free trial, you will have unlimited access to all that Showtime has got to offer including famous shows like Homeland, Dexter, and much more.   

Showtime is offering a longer trial to its users as compared to the other streaming service providers like Paramount Plus and HBO Max which provides a 7-day trial only.     

Does Showtime have a 7 days Free Trial?  

Yes, there also exists a 7-day trial for Showtime, however, the website is currently not offering it. But you can still get the Showtime 7-day free trial as Showtime deals with several popular streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more that have a feature of premium add-ons.

This indicates that users can stream their favourite shows and movies from Showtime on these streaming platforms as well. These streaming platforms like Hulu provide premium add-ons options while offering free trials where you can choose Showtime and you will get a 7-day offer.

Once the trial ends, you will have to pay $10.99 per month to keep streaming. 

All the streaming service providers that offer a 7-day Showtime free trial are as follows:  

  • Hulu  
  • Amazon Prime Video  
  • AT&T TV  
  • Sling  
  • FuboTV  
  • Apple TV  
  • Youtube TV  

How much does Showtime cost after free trial?  

Well, Showtime will cost you $10.99/month if you’re not on your free trial or when it ends, and $99/year that will save you around $32 from the monthly subscription cost.

It’s not quite expensive considering you will get to stream ad-free and most of the streaming services like Paramount Plus that offer a commercial-free plan costs $9.99/month.   

There are no other Showtime plans to choose from, it only offers one plan that costs $10.99 per month.

You can stream Showtime on whichever platform you prefer including Android TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and many more.   

Showtime Free Trial With Hulu  

Well, if you are not aware then, you must know that Hulu also offers a Showtime free trial along with an offer of its streaming service. Hulu offers new users an opportunity to get a 7-day free trial with its 30-day trial.   

To stream Showtime on Hulu and get a 7-day free trial, simply head to the Hulu offer page. And then, click on the ‘Start Your Free Trial button. You will have to create an account and then, you will be asked to enter your payment details.   

You will be charged $10.99/month for Showtime when your trial ends. You just have to get Showtime as a Premium add-on with your Hulu Subscription plan: ad-supported or ad-free.     

Showtime’s 99 Cent Deal With Amazon  

Now, let’s talk about Showtime’s 99 Cent deal with Amazon Prime Video. Amazon was offering its prime members an opportunity to get Showtime for 99 cents per month for two months.

This means that users will have to pay a total of $1.98 for two months of Showtime which will save them around $18 from the regular subscription cost of Showtime i.e., 10.99/month.

However, sadly, this deal is not currently available on the Amazon page as it lasted till January 3, 2022.

This offer period has now ended but you can still get a 7-day offer of Showtime with a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Video, just click here to get the offer.   

What about Showtime’s $8.99 Per Month Deal  

Showtime was offering a deal where the streaming service was costing $8.99/month after the 30-day trial. They claimed that they would provide their streaming service for $8.99/month for 12 months consecutively which would save the subscribers around $24/year from its regular monthly price i.e., 10.99/month. 

But sadly, this deal is not currently active on Showtime’s website; however, you can still get the 30-day offer.   

Showtime Free Trial With Amazon Prime Video  

You can also get a Showtime offer via Amazon Prime Video. The only requirement of this is that you need to have a Prime membership. And if you are a Prime member, then, head to the Amazon Prime offer page and click on the ‘Start your free trials’ button. And enter your credentials and then, you will be asked to provide your payment information.   

You will get a 7-day trial of Showtime with Prime Video Channels and a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Video. And when the trial ends, you will have to pay $10.99/month.   

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