How to Read iBooks on PC, Windows 10


Apple iBookstore is one of the best platforms to buy and download iBookstore on a computer. However, as you already know that Apple does not let its applications be available on any other platforms, and the same goes for the iBooks app. If you don’t know Apple iBooks application is …

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TeaTV for Windows, PC Download from Official Site


Entertainment is an important part of our lives. Without entertainment, our life becomes tasteless. And to save the purpose, there are quite a lot of apps that are available on the internet, which helps us with hd movies and TV shows. One such app is the tea tv app. And …

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Best Metronome Apps for iOS and Android

How many things in your life have your smartphone replaced? Alarm, computer, maps, radio(do these even exist anymore?!), the list is simply endless. So is it any wonder that your phone can be your metronome.  Any musician will appreciate the portability and simplicity of a metronome app over a traditional …

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iSmartViewPro for PC (Windows 10)


iSmartviewpro for PC is a cloud IP camera central management software that helps you to secure your home and office remotely. This software provides you a number of features like central control of monitoring, video capture, record, motion detection, etc for multiple IP cameras on LAN or WAN. CCTV cameras …

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Goodnotes for Mac & Windows PC


There is no doubt that note taking apps are pretty helpful. It allows you to write down your thoughts, plans or something that you wish to remember. And whenever it comes to note taking apps, there is no doubt that Goodnotes is the best note taking app for Mac. Although, …

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