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Are you struggling to activate Starz on your TV? Don’t fret! This guide shares everything you need to know about activating Starz on your TV.

Starz is a US TV channel streaming blockbuster movies, TV shows, originals, etc. The service is available on various devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung TV, Smart TV, and Apple TV. You can enjoy streaming its content by purchasing a subscription of $5 for three months.

However, you must activate your account to access the app contents. Let’s see how to activate Starz on your TV.

Activate Starz on TV -

What is

To watch Starz content on your TV, you must activate it by visiting It verifies the code and activates the Starz channel on your TV. You can watch Starz titles from the channel on your screen.

How to Activate Starz on roku – roku

Roku supports Starz channel streaming officially. You can download and stream Starz content on your Roku device. However, you’ll have to activate your account before using Starz on your Roku using the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Roku Channel Store on your Roku device.

Step 2: Search for Starz using the search bar and install it.

Step 3: Click the app icon to launch it.

Step 4: Enter your login credentials to sign into your Starz account.

Step 5: You’ll see an activation code on your TV screen.

Step 6: Go to and enter the activation code. Click submit.

The page on your Roku will refresh. You can start streaming Starz shows and movies on your Roku.

How to Activate Starz firestick – fire tv

You can officially access Starz shows and movies on your Amazon FireStick TV. The channel is available for free on the Amazon App Store. You can download and activate it using the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the home screen of your Amazon FireStick TV.

Step 2: Click the search icon and look for the Starz app.

Step 3: Install the Starz app on your TV.

Step 4: Launch the Starz app on your TV and sign into your account.

Step 5: An activation code will appear on your TV screen.

Step 6: Navigate to the website using your mobile phone or PC.

Step 7: Enter the activation code and click Submit. You can now start streaming your favourite Starz shows on the big screen!

How to get Starz Activation code

The Starz activation code will appear on your TV screen only when you download and launch the app on your TV for the first time. This code is unique for everyone and all devices. You won’t find the Starz activation code on any other website. So, make sure to write it down or use it immediately.

Where do I enter the Starz Activation code?

The Starz activation code will appear on your TV screen when you launch the app. You must copy and enter this code on the official Starz website ( This will link your device to your account, allowing you to access your favourite Starz titles on your TV.

Starz activation is not working.

The Starz activation code should activate your account immediately. However, if you face issues while activating the app, it could be due to some error in the website or network issues. Here are some common interruptions and their solutions:

  • The activation code won’t work if your TV or mobile device is not connected to the internet. You can fix this by checking your router and solving the network issues. Then reconnect your TV and mobile phone to the internet and try activating your account again.
  • Check if the account credentials are correct. You may face login issues using the wrong email Id or password.
  • Ensure that you are entering the correct activation code. You can retype it to remove any errors.
  • Check if the website where you enter the activation code is right.

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