How to Get VH1 Free Trial

Video Hits One, aka VH1, is a television network based in New York City, United States Of America. VH1 is owned by Paramount Global and was created by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment.

VH1 was launched in January 1985; it was originally built upon its sister channel MTV’s success to target the slightly older demographic audience as compared to MTV by focusing on the somewhat lighter and softer side of popular music.

CBS, Flix, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, etc. are some of the sister channels of VH1. 

Like MTV, VH1 also aired music videos initially. It ultimately drifted into Reality Television Shows and Programming, primarily with a focus on the music personalities and celebrities, and shows having a major target audience of African American people. And if you are looking for a free trial to try this network, this article is the right place.

How to get VH1 Free Trial

Does VH1 have a Free Trial?

Just like its popular sister channel MTV, to access the free trial of VH1, the users will have to stream VH1 through an online-TV service provider and use the respective provider’s free trial period to stream VH1 free of cost.

Different online-TV service providers have different policies regarding their free trial period available to the viewers. 

Ultimately, it’s up to the user’s viewing preferences and budget to decide which online-TV service provider to choose, amongst the various available options.

Apart from this, the user can also stream VH1 free for 24 hours, using the ’24-HOUR PASS’ from VH1’s official website; this way, the users can get enough time to decide whether they want to subscribe to the channel or not.

How to sign up for VH1 Free Trial 

Now, the big question that arises is “How to sign up for VH1’s free trial?” or “Which online-TV service provider is the best to stream VH1 (i.e., where to sign-up?)?”

To answer the above-mentioned question, we will be comparing some of the best online-TV service providers in the marketplace and aid the users in their decision-making process while choosing their TV service provider to stream VH1. 

Philo TV, Hulu Live Tv, FuboTV, and YouTube TV are some of the best online-TV service providers available in the marketplace to stream VH1.

All these service providers offer a free-trial period of 7-days to their new users; thus, the user can stream VH1 free of cost for seven days with all these service providers.

To sign up for the free trial of these services, firstly, the user will have to visit the service provider’s official website and look out for the “Free-Trial” option.

Secondly, they will have to fill out their personal details like name, mobile number, and email ID.

Later, the user will be required to provide their credit card details which will be used to bill the subscription amount, after the end of the trial period.

Is VH1 free on Amazon Prime?

Since a large population across the globe has already subscribed for the Amazon Prime Membership, it is natural to have a doubt whether VH1 is free on Amazon Prime or not. The answer to this question is NO; VH1 is not included in the Amazon Prime Membership.

To stream VH1 online, the user has to have a subscription to any online-TV service provider, without which it’s just not possible to stream VH1 online as of now.

However, existing Prime Members can stream VH1 on their Fire TV by adding their respective service provider on the Fire TV’s interface, simply by downloading the service provider’s application on the Fire TV and logging in via Fire TV.

What’s included with the VH1 free trial?

When subscribing to an online-TV service provider, a doubt that comes across almost everybody’s mind is, “What else is included with the VH1 free trial?”

Since the user is going to pay for an entire cord-cutting cable service instead of an individual channel, it is a very common query. 

But the problem is that there is no definite answer to this question, as various service providers offer various services, channels, and networks to their subscribers, and there’s no common industry standard or criteria.

How much is VH1 after the Free Trial period?

Assuming, the user had applied for the free trial of VH1 (any online-TV service provider) and ended up liking it, and thus made up their mind to get a subscription for the same; the question that arises is “Exactly how much does the subscription cost after the termination of the free trial period?.”

Again there is no definite answer to this question and it depends upon the online-TV service provider, which the user chooses to stream VH1. 

Following are the prices of the above mentioned online-TV service providers:

  1. Philo TV
  • The cost of Philo TV after the termination of its free-trial period is as low as $20 per month.
  • It is one of the cheapest service providers in the market and might be the best alternative for you too if your primary preference is to stream VH1 or MTV. 
  1. Hulu Live TV 
  • The cost of a standard Hulu Live TV plan after the termination of its free-trial period is $69.99 per month. 
  • This might be the best alternative for you if you need a vast on-demand streaming library.
  1. Fubo TV
  • The cost of FuboTV after the termination of its free-trial period may range from $17.99 to $49.99 depending on the package chosen by the user. 
  • This might be the best alternative for you if you love watching sports along with VH1, as FuboTV is an excellent platform to watch sports. 
  1. YouTube TV
  • The cost of the base package for YouTube TV after the termination of its free-trial period is $64.99 per month. 
  • This might be the best alternative if you want live streaming of VH1 as well as limitless storage space for recording your favorite shows online.  

Can you cancel VH1 before the Free Trial period ends?

Say, the user has applied for the free trial of VH1 through any of the above-mentioned (or any other) online-TV service provider and after using the service, end up deciding that he/she doesn’t want to continue the subscription due to any reason.  

In that case, the user can easily cancel their subscription before the free trial period ends and avoid any of the unwanted charges due to the same.

Again, different service providers have different policies regarding the cancellation of the subscription.

However, it is suggested that the user must cancel their subscription at least 24 hours before the termination of their free trial period to avoid any unwanted charges on their credit card registered with the provider.

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