VPN for Gaming and Streaming: The Extra Safety (And Not Only) that is Needed

Almost every internet user is familiar with VPN services and knows what are the major advantages, based on their needs. For those who want to have access to geo-restricted content, a VPN is the tool that breaks all the borders. For those who care for their security more, a VPN is one of the best solutions on the internet.

In this article, we will dive deep into the world of online gaming and streaming, to understand the true value of virtual private networks in terms of ensuring an additional layer of digital security, and not only.

Safety is No 1 Threat for the Gaming Industry

In recent years, the gaming industry has become one of the most popular online activities, which includes several factors and data types from the user’s side. Besides creating an account on these platforms, and providing their email addresses, names, and sometimes phone numbers, players sometimes have to deal with financial information as well.

This is because the current gaming landscape is full of gambling companies that offer big wins, games for cash, etc. Most of them care about the players’ safety, sharing online casino safe gameplay tips for better and more secure gaming experiences. On top of that, there are additional measures that need to be taken from the players’ side.

Using a private network can be an excellent contribution to safety efforts. Why do we call it a contribution, there is a little misunderstanding among internet users about the role of VPNs. Some people think that it’s just enough to switch it on and avoid any kind of hacking threats.

Although it can ensure some level of protection, when it comes to gambling websites, users always need to utilize several tools and be vigilant, such as while choosing the right platform, setting a strong password, etc.

It’s good that people use VPN services while playing online or casino games, for the sake of a more private experience, but the usage of these services in the gaming context is pretty much the same as in any entertainment industry. It’s the wish to break the barrier of geo-restrictions and get full access to the offered content.

Against Geo Restrictions: Does it Really Work?

As already mentioned, content streamers mostly care about geo-restricted content while using a VPN service, however even using the VPN for such purposes, still adds a value of safety at least to the browsing experience. And it’s pretty much effective. But how well do VPN services work to give full access to every type of content, regardless of the viewers’ location?

Well, it depends, because different websites put a lot of effort into protecting their restricted content. This is a comprehensive topic since the decision to make some shows available in certain areas and block from other regions is related to legal affairs, such as royalties and copyrights.

Probably, streamers like Netflix and Disney+ would have been happy to deliver all the existing content to their subscribers in all areas of the world, but they are just not allowed to. 

VPNs proved to be quite reliable against these restrictions, but not fully. In most cases, websites detect that users have connected to a VPN service, and they immediately block the access. In other cases, to make sure that you are browsing from the right country, they might ask for a residence address. Not Netflix and Disney+ but BBC iPlayer, for instance, does that.

How to Choose the Best VPN?

Choosing the best VPN is both easy and difficult. Users always compare the prices first, but the most tricky part here is the similarity between the subscription rates among VPN services.

Most of them offer exactly the same prices, the same trial periods, etc. There are some small or technically specific differences that you can learn from professional reviews, but overall, there will be lots of similarities.

A major consideration can be the choice between paid and free services. Users have to remind themselves that nothing comes without a price, and any kind of unpaid service, including VPNs, may contain more risks than could be expected. Sometimes, it can be even better not to use any VPN at all, than to use unpaid options that may harm as much as hackers.

To Sum Up

Virtual private networks can bring good value to the browsing experience in terms of digital security, and they can free your hands to get more streaming content than is allowed for your physical location.

However, it is always important to make a good choice among the existing options and make sure that the service you subscribe to, is aimed to protect your browsing activity and take care of your data privacy. Otherwise, these services, which get access to your browsing history and other data upon your agreement, will bring more harm than benefits.

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