5 Recommended Sports Streaming Sites for Fans

In the digital era, watching sports has been revolutionized by the rise of streaming platforms. These platforms, including ones that primarily offer sports streaming and those that provide it as an additional service, bring the excitement of the game right to your screen. Traditional models like ESPN+ and Fox Nation have paved the way, providing comprehensive coverage of various sports and events.


ESPN+ has earned its reputation as a sports lover’s paradise. As a part of ESPN’s shift towards a digital platform, ESPN+ delivers thousands of live events from a wide array of sports. From Major League Baseball to the National Hockey League, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and many more, ESPN+ has it all.

In addition to the vast live event coverage, it provides original programming and analysis, further enriching the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of their favorite sports.

Fox Sports

In the same vein, Fox Sports Go extends Fox Sports’ broadcasting into the digital realm. This service provides high-quality live streams of a multitude of sports, from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Basketball Association to NASCAR, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and even UEFA Champions League soccer. One essential requirement is that Fox Sports should be included in your cable package for you to access the online service.


While ESPN+ and Fox Sports Go are the traditional models, platforms like DAZN have carved a niche for themselves in the sports streaming sector. DAZN, often referred to as the ‘Netflix of Sports,’ offers live and on-demand streams covering a broad spectrum of sports. It even has exclusive rights to some events, offering viewers unique access that is otherwise hard to come by.

New Options: Betting Streaming Sources

Beyond the conventional sports streaming platforms, there are services offered by bookmakers that enhance the betting experience for bettors. These services provide a reliable source of real-time betting information and enable bettors to place well-informed bets while enjoying their favorite sports.

Bet365 is one such platform. As a leading betting site, bet365 has an excellent free live streaming service. The high-quality streaming service with minimal delay is especially advantageous to bettors. It allows them to make informed decisions and place live bets as they watch the events unfold.

Facebook Watch Experiment

Meta has also tried some interesting investments when it comes to live streaming of sports. The cool thing about Facebook Watch was that was a free source of streaming, like Broadcast TV, but the biggest investments in sports rights have diminished in the last few quarters, as Meta found these to be very salty in terms of how cost-effective the operation was so far. However, they’re always an interesting option to keep an eye at, as it is a free option that can help Americans follow their favorite sports for free.


We have basically two types of ways to follow sports: free streaming and subscription-based streaming.

Subscription-based options are usually best provided by the biggest media names out there such as Fox and ESPN. But there also are new players out there such as DAZN with operations in numerous countries.

We also have free options like Facebook Watch, which has had bigger investments in the past in the acquisition of sports TV rights. Moreover, bookmakers are interesting free options as they often provide interesting streaming sources that can allow American bettors a glimpse into other sports that aren’t that popular in the US, as lots of people like to discover new sports via sports betting these days.

Bet365 is the largest sportsbook operator in the world, and they have a wide selection of free streaming for active bettors, which is worth checking out.

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